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Welcome, you're new, aren't you?

Please watch this 1 minute video

Step 1:

Click Here to register

Hint : Please register with your full name as user name .

Example : --------------


Step 2)

verify the registration email sent to your email address used for registration (don't use rediffmail . Somehow they don't like us . Hey what can you do .)

Very simple isn't it ...

What next

Well you can

1) upload your picture ( you are cute . aren't you ? Then why not ..)

2) add your previous publications information to your page (let the world know..what are you upto..)

3) Also find out what is your profile page link so that you can share with your friends . (Adding this link in your email signature is very good idea)

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Author: Admin 123


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I like to post blogs on to the home page of the website...but dont know how to post here..please guide me..plz..and i dont know about the point. how it earn????plz help anyone. N.B. i am new here. so pray for me plz
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Thanks for your interest . If you would like to post blogs, send your request to with your user name (or profile page link) with topics you would like to blog (must be PLAGIARISM free ). Hope this helps.

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