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PharmaGlow's PowerPoint Presentation Competition (PPPC-08)

National Level Online PowerPoint Presentations Competition for Indian Pharmacy Students and Professionals.


>> Download Instructions in PDF

>> Download Poster

To get an idea of how the competition works, please check Recent Contest Presentations ,


  • Author and Co-author of 1 selected presentation will be given registration charges for IPC 2010
  • Authors of 4 selected presentations will be honored with an Excellence in Participation Certificate
  • Authors of selected presentaions will receive Participation Certificate
  • Powerpoint Vs Poster presentation


    Abstract and Powerpoint: October 12th, 2010
    Online Contest : October 20th to Nov 7 th.
    Results : on Nov 14th.


    Visualizing Pharmaceutical Concepts Using Multimedia

    This contest is to test pharmacy students understading of "Concepts" they learned and their ability to explain their ideas using multimedia tools such as graphics , animations and narration (optional) as supportive media.

    See Example Presentation on how you can show your creativity.

    Suggested Areas of Competition are :

    • Oral Sustained /Controlled release Systems
    • Mucosal Systems
    • Transdermal and topical Systems
    • Ophthalmic Systems
    • Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
    • Protein and Peptide Delivery Systems
    • Particulate System
    • Pulmonary Drug Delivery System
    • Colloidal Drug Delivery System

    Eligibility :

    The presenting author should be either 2nd, 3rd or 4th year Bachelor of Pharmacy student , M.Pharmacy student , Pharm D student or Ph D student.


    Step – 1: Registration in the site (free) through the link (http://www.pharmainfo.net/user/register) and verify the registration email sent to your email address used for registration. (All the authors should be registered members in the site with Photo on their profile page) NOTE : If you already a registered member of pharmainfo.net, you don't have to register again.

    Example for a profile page link :

    If you registered with user name as your FIRST NAME LASTNAME (ex: anil kumar appapurapu), your profile page link would be http://www.pharmainfo.net/anil-kumar-appapurapu

    Step – 2 : Submission of abstract and Power Point Presntation together to contests @ pharmainfo.net.

    Abstract Format details ( >> Download Model Abstract ) To be submitted in Ms word file with Times New Roman font with font size of 12. Title shall be in a font size 14.

    1) Title : Ex: Understanding Nanoparticles advantages in drug delivery systems
    2) Area of Contest : Ex: Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
    3) Authors : Student Name and Guide Name
    4) Abstract : Should briefly reflect the moto of your topic under presentation data containing not more than 600 words.
    5) Key words : up to 6 key words
    6) Profile page link of the author :Ex: http://www.pharmainfo.net/anil-kumar-appapurapu
    7) Profile page link of the guide : Ex : http://www.pharmainfo.net/tegkmurthy

    Power point presentation format details: (>>> Download Model PowerPoint . This ppt is more of traditional style. This time you can use animations & voice (optional) etc)

    Number of Slides - : 50 (maximum)
    Size limit – 3 MB

    GUIDELINES for presentation

    1) First slide should give the Title, Student Photo and Guide photo,name, address and profile page links.

    2) Sentences used in explaining the concept should be written using your own words. Check sentences in each slide using, http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/ and make sure they are plagiarism free. (Please see Attempt to make PLAGIARISM practically understand and Plagiarism …. A General Malpractice).

    3) Bottom of "each" slide must contain reference deatils for the information, images, tables etc used that particular page but NOT on the last slide as list of references. ( For Reference format styles visit this page ).

    4) All slides must be numbered in 1 of 50 style.

    5) Last slide must contain "This presentation does not include plagiarized material".

    1. All submissions (must be authors original work) are to besubmitted to contests@pharmainfo.net
    2. Last date for abstract and powerpoint submission : October 12th, 2010.
    3. Online presentation : October 20th to Nov 7 th.
    4. By participating in competition,you are agreeing that is your original work and transferring copyrights to pharmainfo.net All the rights are reserved by the organizer pharmainfo.net .


    Useful Links

    1) TIPS to Online PowerPoint Contest Participants
    2) CHECK List for submission of Abstract and Powerpoint presentation to PPPC
    3) My ideas about scientific powerpoint preparation
    4) my critics to powerpoint presentation participants
    5) Steps Involved in Presentation
    6) Tutorial On Poster Designing
    7) Free Software to Reduce Image size without effecting quality : http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm
    8) http://www.microsoft.com/education/AnimatedFlowchart.aspx

    Any questions ?

    Please read PPPC-02 competition Question & Answers and PPPC-03 competition Question & Answers

    If you still have questions, please post here using this link (after login) http://www.pharmainfo.net/PPPC-08/Comments


    See an example award winning presentation : Original content with animations developed 100% in PowerPoint.

    Effective PowerPoint Presenting

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    About the Author

    Admin 123's picture
    Author: Admin 123


    Pradeep Kumar's picture

    Is the competition open for anyone or to a particular college like the previous ones (ppp05,ppp06 ....)

    Pradeep Kumar

    Eswar GsnkRao's picture

    It is for all Indian Pharmacy students. Not specific to any college. All India Level contest. This time more scope is given to see your creativity in the presentation, i mean u can use audio, animations, video clips etc. to make your presentation wow! GOOD LUCK.


    ESWAR :-) 

    Pradeep Kumar's picture

    @eshwar thank you for your prompt reply

    Pradeep Kumar

    Pavan Kumar Alapati's picture

    My dear friends, use this oppurtunity to show your creativity and talent to companies without attending an interview. This online platform is being visited by many professionals in pharma field. I have previously presented a power point on cleaning validation ( http://www.pharmainfo.net/pppc03/practical-approach-cleaning-validation ) and received many appreciations and mails regarding the topic from many industry professionals both from India and abroad like Infoline chemicals, Ahmedabad, Georgia pharmaceuticals, USA, Merck. Thanks to pharmainfo.net. All the best.
    A.R.Khan's picture

    Congratulations ! I saw your ppt. Its already read 3000 times by people . Wow...that shows how popular it became. Good opportunity for "smart" studens.
    Preeti's picture

    sir,i would like to know whether 2 or more students from the same college participating in this competition can have a same guide as the co-author?
    Admin 123's picture

    One teacher can guide more than one person .
    Preeti's picture

    thank you sir for your reply
    K.V.GODAVARI's picture

    can wehave a sample presentation


    Admin 123's picture

    This time evaluation is "HOW" you presented the information than "What" you presented . Since we don't want to influence your thought processing ..we are not giving any samples . So go a head and use your creativity. However See this presentation to get an idea of "how" you can use your creativity.. http://www.pharmainfo.net/presentations/gaba-receptors
    Pushpendra Jain's picture

    an industrilist can present the PPT

    Mind Hunter; Jiyo aur Jine do

    Admin 123's picture

    Please send it to articles @ pharmainfo.net and we will publish in online presentation section .
    ketanchaudhari's picture

    can u more elaborate on the plagiarism i am not getting the site http://www.articlechecker.com/ means how we can check on one box comes there and one option of compare please reply soon


    Admin 123's picture

    Just Paste your text in that box and click on compare button. It will tell about source of the text pasted in that box .
    ketanchaudhari's picture

    it is not showing any source means its plagiarism free correct?? but once i copied one defination from wikipedia and i pasted there it is not showing can u please elaborate how it will show the source


    Admin 123's picture

    You can use http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/ which is better . If you google about plagiarism checkers you will see couple of free online tools.
    avinashyadav's picture

    sir i am not being able to upload my photograph.
    Admin 123's picture

    After login you will see Edit button on your page just below your name ( View, EDIT, Myresults). When you click on edit button and then scroll down to the bottom of page, you will see an option to upload your picture.
    Pushpendra Jain's picture

    than from upload a brows butten appear click now a new file open selection the relevant file where u saved ur pics & select it now click the save button

    Mind Hunter; Jiyo aur Jine do

    ketanchaudhari's picture

    If i submit u the optimized Pdf file format then is it ok? or u want only .ppt file waiting for ur reply....


    Admin 123's picture

    Power point or Flash file (.swf) only. Ppt is good to show animations etc ..
    ketanchaudhari's picture

    If the file is of 2007 powerpoint format then its ok na...?


    Admin 123's picture

    You can send ppt in 2007 version (pptx)
    Pushpendra Jain's picture

    An industrialist (not Student) can participate

    Mind Hunter; Jiyo aur Jine do

    Admin 123's picture

    You can participate !
    ketanchaudhari's picture

    can i send u ppt file in 2007 powerpoint format...? please reply soon


    Admin 123's picture

    You can send ppt in 2007 version (pptx)
    Pradeep Kumar's picture

    Hello sir, I see some "suggested areas of competition". Have we to present topics only on those suggested topics or anything related to pharmacy can be presented?

    Pradeep Kumar

    Pushpendra Jain's picture

    Yes U can but if its belongs to suggested topics than its good

    Mind Hunter; Jiyo aur Jine do

    Pushpendra Jain's picture

    This time topics is mainly on "HOW" you presented the information than "What" you presented .

    Mind Hunter; Jiyo aur Jine do

    Jasvinder Singh's picture

    Is the PharmaGlow's PowerPoint Presentation Competition (PPPC-08) open for students of Pharmaceutical Management and can we submit topics regarding regulatory issues in Pharma?
    Admin 123's picture

    You could but it would be better if you stick to suggested topics. If you do not want to participate in contest, you can send us to articles @ pharmainfo.net and we will publish in online presentation section .
    Adwait Deshpande's picture

    Due to many images used and that are made to animate by using PPT tools only (No flash objects) my file size has become 4.29 MB. I have made best use of all PPT tools without using any other s/w. If i try to remove some figures out, it would not be that graceful as it is right now. Would this file size be fine for competition?

    - Adwait Deshpande

    Admin 123's picture

    1) Reduce image sizes using http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm
    2) Use Powerpoint 2007

    and let us know

    Another important one is you should have photo on your page http://www.pharmainfo.net/adwait3003

    Please see this Original content with animations developed 100% in PowerPoint. . Images are good . But you can do "so many" tricks without using images .

    G N S HEMA SREE's picture

    is it mandatory to register the tutor also and is only one student is allowed in one presentation or two students are allowed


    Admin 123's picture

    1) Tutor must be registered with photo on his profile page 2) One teacher (tutor) can guide more than one presention or person
    G N S HEMA SREE's picture

    can i use office 2007 version or is it allowed only in 2003 version


    Admin 123's picture

    You can use 2007 version. 2007 version is better since it has more options and size is usually low.

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