When one tornado take a break......another colossus is about to come......Wait n' watch

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Warm wishes to everyone from our team Sentinel. I am very pleased to be a leader of my team and one of the participants of the very exciting season of skill test 2010. When we begin our journey in this competition along with other 19 teams, it gave me an alarm that our way is not an easy, as we are playing in team of two. One thing we have with us is our confidence that we will definitely go up to end with every possible challenges, improvements, and we will not give away any opportunity at any time. With that spirit we started and I am happy that we done our work.

No single person is perfect for such a long competition and thus we require someone who can able to reflect our strengths and demolish our lacunae to make a perfect blend and that blend is called TEAM and team mates are the strengths of one another. If Team is good then the competition becomes very easy and one can take any challenge. I will give full credit to my team mate for the successful completion of our part in Skill test 2010.

During initial month only, team Chem Cannon left like such a reason that is real sad point of this competition I feel, but after that incident, everything go smoothly and everyone shows great spirit, their skill, experiences, and ideas which make us to learn many things and improve ourselves. I am very thankful for every co-participant team and their members as well as readers especially for giving an opportunity to upgrade our knowledge and skill which is ultimate objective of this competition.

As I was pointing out always from the beginning that, we focus more on such things which are generally not included in syllabus but which are essential. Except some book pages, mostly we focus on out of syllabus topic and with the view of all comments posted by various readers I can estimate most of them are happy with these topics which we covered during this Skill Test. When there is competition, one has to face challenges and learn a lot from that which is called experience and finally that leads to perfection.

We always tried something in our blog which create interest among the readers to read with best of our knowledge and capacity; because I believe, quality of matter is an essence but way of presentation is the gist. Thus, until I feel that blog is not up to the mark, we are keep on changing and that took long time, sometime for posting a blog it took 3-4 hours of time because every time something left out but mainly the problem arises due to slow network speed. So, I learnt one thing that never post a blog when net speed is slow it takes hell lot of time to get a perfect blog.....that's a funny part of a story.

Few suggestions I feel organizers should consider, one is try for another skill test for around 3 months where in a month only single blog can be posted with maximum ways of presentations during that month either by editing on same or different blogs. Another request is to provide provision on website for taking printout in 'Printer Friendly' format. As lot of information available here in the form of articles, blogs, pages etc.

Future is always fascinating and I feel Skill test 2011 will be better than its previous versions. Many teams will participate again with improved quality and planned manner as well as many new enthusiastic teams will also spark this platform with their talent. For everyone who participates I wish to tell you one thing that play with great spirit, hard work and play till the end and refine yourself with positive attitude against all comments.

When anyone ask you a question, feel reader thinks that you have ability to give answer and if anyone criticize, feel that reader want that you should improve and you can improve...........That's what is my concluding thoughts.

Hope everyone in Skill Test 2011 comes up with novel, ameliorate, and prospective views and make my title true.

Thanks a lot to give me an opportunity to write up.


Amol Malpani

This blog does not contain any plagiarised matter.


About the Author

Amol Malpani's picture
Author: Amol Malpani


A.R.Khan's picture

What a great team and what a great show.. Really admirable. I really like your diversity in blogs and encouragement to others . Keep up the good job dear !. Hope to meet you again & again in this platform very often.
Amol Malpani's picture

Respected Khan Sir, Thanks a lot for such a lovely comment. Its my pleasure to meet you again and again, I will definitely meet you here in direct or indirect manner. Regards,
TK Indira's picture

Dear sir your words "When anyone ask you a question, feel reader thinks that you have ability to give answer and if anyone criticize, feel that reader want that you should improve and you can improve.........That's what is my concluding thoughts" reflects the ideal intention of participating in SKILLS-TEST 2010.......

T.K. Indira. http://www.pharmainfo.net/tkindira

-- "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall..." Team 'Char'minar.

Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Indira, Intention should be pure for any work. If you do any work do it properly so that you should feel satisfactory. Regards,
Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Amol Sir It was nice participating in this competition with all of you. Your blogs show your originality in thinking and in presentation. Abhigna also writes in a very spirited manner. I appreciate you and congratulate you both on your team's good participation. Vijaya Ratna
Amol Malpani's picture

Respected Madam, Thanks a lot for your appreciation. We also had very good interaction with your team and learn a lot from your blogs and comments. Regards,
Uma Pratyusha's picture

Dear sir, A very unique and a wonderful closing blog from you sir as usual depicting your team spirit and hard work and how you enjoyed the skills test! It has been a pleasure interacting with you and the blogs from your team were informative too!


Uma Prathyusha

Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Uma, Thanks for your nice wordings, it gives me a calm and relaxed feeling what one will get after any sort of work. Regards,
V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Dear Sir,

Your blogs oh god......wat to say?? AWESOME

The way you present your blog is so unique and colorful which attracts us like a bee.

Thank you for sharing such informative blogs.







Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Aishwarya, When we started skill test journey I really like your team name. A very fascinating one! You people done wonderful job and Roja rani madam have always some new ideas which is a characteristic feature of your team I think. God bless you. Regards,
S.M. Habibur rahman's picture

Great Show.... I had a great time interacting with you and abhinga....your topics and the way you narrated.....really given me lot of insights.....Your team has done a great job.....Thanks for all the active participation.....
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Habib Sir,' I remembered your comments and thoughts on various topics and our discussion on them. I really enjoyed your company during this period and hope we maintain the same interaction here in future irrespective of participation. Regards,
S.M. Habibur rahman's picture

It was great time interacting with you. Really I have great frequency match with your team which should be executed to the next level. hope our discussion will become materialized in near future as collaborative works with intense interactions.
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Sir, Definitely we will interact again in future also. Regards,
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

"Great Leaders Inspire Action" You are one such great leaders who inspired many at this platform with your wisdom. Thank you amol sir....for being with us all through the contest!!!
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Santosh, I can assure you one thing that you will never feel my absence in our pharmainfo family. I am always here to learn, to suggest, to criticize and to congratulate you all past and future members. Regards,

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