M.Pharm in India, opportunities in USA?

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Dear Sir and members, I completed my B.Pharm and M.pharm with major in pharmaceutics in India, with 6yrs of continuous study between 2004 and 2010. Recently, I came to US on my husband's visa and I'm planning for getting job permit here; I'm interested in getting pharmacist eligibility. Please clarify the following doubts that I have. 1.Am I eligible for writing FPGEE and NAPLEX exams? because as per http://www.urch.com/forums/naplex/89933-qualification-naplex-exam.html I'm eligible for FPGEE, but after clearing that exam they are not giving certificate with the reason that B.Pharm is 4years (they say it has to be a 5yr B.Pharm.) and they wont count M.Pharm. Is this a correct information or not? In any case, please let me know my options. 2. If I do not wish to write FPGEE and NAPLEX exams, what are my other options to get a job (related to pharmacy) in USA? your suggestions will help me in great deal. Thanks for your time. Best regards Ramya


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For Question 1), Please go through these discussions http://www.pharmainfo.net/og/pharmindia/clarification-regarding-pharm-d-... Question 2) You other option is working pharmaceutical industry but you need H1 sponsorship i guess unless you have one or green card.

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