What is dissociative anaesthesia?

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Dissociative anesthesia - A form of general anesthesia characterized by catalepsy , catatonia, and amnesia , but not necessarily involving complete. Reference: www.medicineonline.com With Regards Amol Dhiman Team GLORY

Amol Dhiaman

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Dear Abhigna, A type of anesthesia (induced by Ketamine, for example) which is characterised by profound analgesia, immobility, amnesia with light sleep and feeling of dissociation from one's own body and the surroundings. Site of action - In the cortex and subcortical areas. Mode of action - Muscle tone increases, along with increase in the heart rate, cardiac output and consequently rise in the blood pressure due to symphathetic stimulation. Dose - 1-4 mg per kg. IV. or 6.5-13 mg per kg. IM. Effect produced within a minute and recovery starts after 10-15 minutes. Ref:- K.D. Tripathi; Essentials of Medical Pharmacology; Second Edition; Jaypee Publication; Page no-315. Regards,

mridula jayaraman

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