how to improve the dissolution of cefditoren proxetil tablet

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Abd El- Halim El- Kishky's picture


could any one please answer the question

Eswar GsnkRao's picture


Dear Halim,

If it is a tablet, then you can either plan for a proper formulation by using the hydrophilic diluents like lactose, hydrophilic lubricant and hydrophilic binder.

You can prefer super-disintegrants for rapid dissolution.

In case of dissolution medium, you can take the help of surfactant.

It all depends on the objective and strategy of your research work.

All the Best.


ESWAR :-) 

Abd El- Halim El- Kishky's picture


it is a tablet but it is hydrophobic and not soluble in water could you tellme a technique to use the tablet formula contains mannitol, sodium casseinate, cross carmellose sodium & magnesium stearate

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