What is the procedure to be a registered pharmacist in Canada from India

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Procedure to be a registered pharmacist in Canada "" 1. First of all your back home degree should be evaluated by Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada.(PEBC, Canada) 2. Then you have to pass two exams conducted by PEBC called ' Evaluating Exam and Qualifying Exam'. 3. Once you pass the above two exams (PEBC Evaluation and Qualifying exams) you will be given a certificate called 'Certificate of qualification' by PEBC 4. Now it's your turn to choose which province you would like to practice and obtain English score according to that province regulation 5.Next you have to finish sufficient hours of training in the pharmacy (usually there are 2 stages of training, studentship and internship) 6.Finally, pass the Law exam (Jurisprudence exam) and get the ' Pharmacist License '. "" See here full details http://www.pharmainfo.net/pebc-info/canadian-pharmacist-license-guidelin...

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