95 Road map to strengthen the pharmacist and the profession

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We have wasted as much as 6 decades by lecturing and showcasing rosy mirage. Honestly, if any one has attained some good position and professional popularity it is because of his own individual capability inspite of the adverse environment all around. Hence I beg all the Pharma bigwigs in all the inter-related sectors with folded hands to please come down to earth, see the sufferings of the pharmacists and understand how they have been disowned by our own people, our own Acts and Rules and our own system making it easy for other co-professionals to push us out. The level and sectors to be addressed are:

1. Academe to make it more skill and field oriented learning program

2. Regulatory to protect the professional rights of the pharmacists and to support their professional service

3. Acts and Rules to ensure people receive professional service only from qualified Registered Pharmacists and protects the Pharmacist rendering service with professional discretion.

4. National Health Policy to recognize the knowledge, skill and capability of pharmacists in drugs logistics and clinical support system.

5. Pharmacovigilance program- a hospital pharmacy program to monitor ADRs and to keep the clinicians informed to prevent preventable ADRs and to promote rational Use of Drugs

6. Health care sector to assign the full responsibility of drugs logistics to the qualified registered pharmacists to ensure effective accountability obviating scarcity and loss.


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I am Bhagavan ,Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India and currently serving as Registrar, KSPC, Bengaluru, India . I love to write on Hospital pharmacy series related topics out of my experience and observations. Check out my Pharmacist in the Hospital.


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Good Evening sir,

You are absolutely right sir. Evey pharmacist is frustrated one and opinion of every pharmacist is that the suffering is because of PCI and Drug Control Department. What does this mean? Simply, pharmacists who are given power to safeguard the profession not working properly. 

why they are not working ?

Further, why we are ignored by Health Ministry is presence of doctors in commanding seats and pharmacists job nature somehow ingringes their jurisdiction or they feel so.

Pharmacists of India are awakeing and ACCHE DIN are not far away.


General Secretary Indian Pharmacist Association (IPA) http://www.ipa.medlineindia.com

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