Rape assault on women

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Lets go back to the old school of culture and tradition. Doesn't matter if the whole world brands us as under-developed and superstitious  land of fakirs and beggars. At least our human values wouldn't be lost in the oblivion of the mad race of so called modern life style



I don't how appropriate this is in this site. But I couldn't resist my temptation to share my views at the happenings around. I leave it to the site regultor either to reject or retain.


The victim of Delhi barbaric rape assault has passed away. May her soul rest in piece and may the almighty provide strength and courage to withstand the shock and grief.

The culprits deserve severest of the severe punishment.




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I am Bhagavan ,Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India and currently serving as Registrar, KSPC, Bengaluru, India . I love to write on Hospital pharmacy series related topics out of my experience and observations. Check out my Pharmacist in the Hospital.


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The answer is never to go back in time or to the old ways. The answer is to change the way things are currently done by creating awareness in the country about respecting self and others. This can be done by changing the laws, making rape gender neutral, providing "education" to the police on how to handle such cases and interrogations, awareness about how to file a case etc.

Our System has a lot of old people who think that the women were inappropriately dressed or was out with the wrong intend, or at the wrong time, etc. Women in the country needs to be supported constantly to the greater good of the nation as they are the once who will initially taking care of the future Indians of the country.

Today the entire countries concentration is at Nibhaya's case, and yet we have a number of such cases that are still coming out in the country. This shows how weak our law and order is.  A clear deterrent should be set in public such that such evil people think twice before confidently doing such crimes. The only sad part to this is that going forward the cases of rape and murder will go up, to cover the evidence. This is the area where moral education will help in setting the minds correct.




Arun Abraham M.Pharm,MBA,(PhD) Chief Learning Officer Leads Health Bangalore. www.pilsindia.com www.leadshealth.com http://in.linkedin.com/pub/arun-abraham/7/22/1

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Thank you Dr Arun abraham. In a one single para you have given out a good analysis and a solution too. 'Woman' is the mother of every Indian. Woman needs to be respected and regarded irrespective of her status and relationship and at the same time she also needs to be guided untill she reaches a stage of independent thinking.God's creation is so safe and logical that girls attain physical and mental maturity of understanding of the biological changes much earlier to boys. Yet, she becomes a vitim due to certain circumstances more due to brutal mindset of the man around her. You have rightly said ...Women in the country needs to be supported constantly to the greater good of the nation as they are the once who will initially taking care of the future Indians of the country.... .But this need can be a reality only when the men around her realize that they are morally the guardians of the woman before them. In all the cases so far reported man has behaved like a hunter and has treated the child / girl / woman / aged lady as his prey. This will also apply to the men and women who push or solicit young girls into flesh trade. When one is in the midst of such an obnoxious situation and the law of the land and the authorities fail to raise to the ocasion positively it becomes natural for person like me to think that my earlier poverty and dark days were better than the present rich material comfort, even though I am fully aware of futileness of such a wish. In 1960s and 70s there used to be a general appeal in public transport busses 'Please make way and give seat to women, elders and physically handicapped'. It had become a habit for us to get up and offer the seat the moment any women, elders and physically handicapped' alight the bus. Now the seats are reserved for women, elders and physically handicapped' but I find there is a resistance to offer the seat even when requested. I congratulate all the young Indians who have raised to the ocasion. I agree with you that the people, the law, the law enforcers and above all the government should change their mindset and attitude to ensure that crimes are dealt very seriously with due accountability at every level right from the top till the point of delivering service and justice.

This warrants:

Strong law against offenders. Fast track courts to try the offence. Least humiliating and victim friendly atmosphere in such courts. Of course with safeguards to ensure genuine innocents are not punished.

Digitalize the Key responsibilties of all the authorities, officers and officials. Evaluate the performance every year and discharge those dead woods like file pushers, underperformers, work as sycophants, client-exploiters etc. Ensure good quality selection to the government service at all levels. Prescribe training, refresher programs and exams to rejuvinat them. Register the manifesto with Election commissioner like an MoU and empower the EC to disqualify the defaulting member / party under breach of MoU if they fail to provide the assured service. this will make the members more responsible and make them work with dedication to achieve the target.

Bhagavan P.S. B Pharm

Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India

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