Emerging trends of Nanotechnology in Pharmacy

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1.Introduction to nanotechnology and its scope in pharmacy

a. What is nanotechnology ?

b. How small nanoparticle is?

c. Physical and Chemical characteristics of nanomaterial

d. History of nanotechnology

e. Classification of Nanomaterials

f. Application of nanomaterials

g. Techniques to Convert Particles to Nano Scale

2.Pharmaceuticals nano based systems

a. Classification of nanobased systems used in pharmaceuticals
b. Carbon nanotubes
c. Quantum Dots
d. Dendrimers
e. Metallic nanoparticles
f. Liposomes
g. Polymeric micelles

3. Characterization and application of pharmaceutical nanotools and nanomaterials

a.Physicochemical characterization of nanoparticles
i) Dynamic Light Scattering technology
ii) Atomic Force Microscopy in nanotechnology
iii)Zeta Potential for measurement of stability of
iv)Transmission electron microscopy(TEM)
b. In-vitro and In-vivo characterization

4.Challenges in pharmaceutical nanotechnology

a.Toxicity induction by nanomaterials
b.Social and Ethical challenges
Future prospects
a. Nanopore sequencing
b. Nanorobotics
c. Nanofibres
d. Nanotechnology based needle arrays
5. Conclusion of Nanotechnology

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