Liposomes in pharmacy

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Liposomes in pharmacy

Liposomes are systemically and increasingly explored as nobel wings of investigating nanotool which arranges the phospholipid bilayer in such a way showing the similar properties of the cell membrane [21, 22].

The unique feature of liposomal nanoplatform is that it could be able to accomodate the hydrophilic drug moiety at the aqueous region inside the bilayer and the hydrophobic drug moiety at the core of lipid membrane. This liposome formulation has several advantages for the delivery system with a significant improvement in biocompatibility and targetability from the in vitro characterization to investigative clinical and translational research [22,23]. For cancer targeting, liposomes formulation can be doctored and designed as passive targeting agents and ligand-mediated or stimuli-sensitive active targeting agents (active targeting agents) [24]. Liposome drug delivery can be considered as the pioneer in transfering small molecules in the tumor tissues [25].

Various anticancer drugs such as paclitaxel, doxorubicin, doxorubicin derivatives, and platinum-based anticancer drugs like cisplatin can be loaded successfully into the liposomal nano dosage forms.Due to its sizes( 100-200 nm) liposomes can wasily break the barrier of the tumor tissues(26).

Fig 5: Schemetic diagram of liposome(24)


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