Pharmaceutical Machines

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Pharmaceutical Machines

List Of Pharmaceutical Machinery and their Details

Size reduction:

Cutter mill, Roller mill, Hammer mill, Disintergrator, Ball mill, Fulid energy mill, Edge runner mill, Colloidal mill

Size separation:

Seiving, Cyclone separator, Air separator, Elutriation

Mixing and homogenisation:

Powders: Tumbler mixer, Agitated mixer, Air mixer

Liquids: propeller mixer, turbine mixer, paddle mixer

Semisolid: triple roller mixer, agitator mixer


hand homogeniser, silverson mixer homogeniser, collidal mill

Filtering devices:

filter press: plate and frame filter press, meta filters, filter leaf, member filter, filter

candles, sintered filters, cartridge filters


natural circulation evaporators: evaporating pans, evaporating still, short tube


forced circulation evaporators

film evaporators: climbing film evaporator horizontal film evaporator


tray dryers, tunnel dryers, rotary dryers, fludised bed dryers, vaccum dryers, freeze


dryers used for solutions and suspensions: drum dryers, spray dryers, microwave dryers,

Tableting machines:

single station /single punch/eccentric presses

multiple station/rotary presses tablet coating machines

tablet coating machines:

The standard coating pan, The perforated coating pan, The fluidized bed or air

suspension coater

Capsule/ Tablet packaging machines

Strip Packing Machine, Blister Packaging Machines, Aluminum foil packaging

machine, Accucounter Tablet Packing Machine, Automatic Pouch Packing

Machine , Vertical tablet packing machinery , Economical Tablet Packaging

Equipment, Fill & Sealing Machine,

Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine


Littleford lodige mixer, diosner granulator, Littleford MGT mixer granulator, gral

mixer granulator, fluid bed spray granulator, double cone and twin shell blender,

day nauta mixer processor, topo granulator, CF granulator

Capsule filling machines:

Lilly and Parke-Davis: Lilly capsule filling machine, Lilly ROTOFIL capsule

filling machine.

Farmatic: Farmatic Model 2000/15, 2000/30 and 2000/60 capsule filling machine.

Hofliger and Karg: Hofliger and Karg model GKF-303, GKF-602, GKF-1500 and

GKF-2500 capsule filling machine.

Macofar: MT-12, MT-13/1 and MT-13/2 capsule filling machine.

mG2: Model G36/4, G36/2, G36, G37N and G38 capsule filling machine.

Osaka: Osaka Model 180 capsule filling machine.

Perry: Perry Model CF ACCOFIL capsule filling machine.

Zanasi: Zanasi Model LZ-64 and AZ-20 capsule filling machine.


Hot air oven, autoclave.

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