Jobs Opportunitie for B Pharmacy graduates

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Jobs Opportunitie for B Pharmacy graduates

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -Thomas Alva Edison

Job opportunities for b-pharmacy graduates

Jobs in Pharmacy Colleges

A B.Pharm graduate is eligible to teach D.Pharm students either in private college or Govt. polytechnic colleges.

Jobs in Pharmacyceutical Industry

Industries: A B.Pharm graduate with good knowledge can rule any of the following areas:

? Formulation R & D

? Analytical R & D

? Bulk R & D

? Production

? Production Management

? Quality Control

? Quality Assurance

? Intellectual Property Rights and Regulatory Affairs

? Sales and Marketing

? Packaging development

? Clinical Research

? Contract Research Organization

? Product Management

? Bio-Informatics

? Medical Transcription

? Consultancy

? Pharmacovigilance

? Business development

? Outlicensing

? And also in the industries related to Biologics, Cosmetics, Aurvedics, Unani medicines, Veterinary medicines, Nutraceuticals, Surgicals etc. ? In pharmaceutical industry again the area of dosage form into which you are entering is important like solid dosage forms or liquids orals or Parenterals or semisolids etc. ? In every area all the above departments are available and job opportunities too.

Government Jobs for b-pharmacy gradutes

Govt. sector: 1. Drug inspector 2. Assistant chemical examiners in prohibition and excise subordinate service 3. Govt. Analyst or Drug analyst (in state govt. or central govt.)

Jobs in Pharmacies

Pharmacy practice: A B.Pharm graduate can practice the profession of pharmacy in Pharmacies (Medical shops), in hospitals or privately. However a D.Pharm candidate is the majority acceptable person in this zone.

How do i search for a job

Due to avancement in technologies such as internt, searching for job is realatively easy. You can check placement websites or contact recruiter / consultants . Websites :

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Career opportunities for b-pharmacy graduates

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