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Birth and Education:

* Born on Aug.17, 1882 at Gujranwala, Punjab, did his schooling at J&K and college at Lahore in Government college.

* In 1903, joined in College Cambridge and in 1905, joined in BA- Natural sciences Tripos Studied at Bartholomew's Hospital in London. In 1908, completed for Indian Medical service successfully.

* Degrees he got: Cambridge M.B, M.D, London M.R.C.P


* Foundation fellow & President of National Institute of sciences.

* In medical service for 10 years.

* In 1921, as Ist professor of Pharmacology in Calcutta school of Tropical Medicine for 20 years.

* Professor of Pharmacology in Calcutta Medical College.

* Headed Drugs Enquiry committee at Calcutta school of tropical Medicine.

* Worked as Director of the school for 7 years.

* Director of Medical services and Research at J & K.

* Director of Drug Research Laboratory.

* Established a Chopra Committee.

* Directed Bengal Pharmaceutical Association.

* Vice- President of Bengal Asiatic society in 1939.


* His major work strength was experimental Pharmacology.

* His interest was in Drug Analysis, so did surveys on drug addiction.

* Established a centre of study & Research in Pharmacology at Calcutta school of Tropical Medicine.


* The research he had done on chemical, Pharmacological & Therapeutic basis for some drugs, stated that they should be included in the pharmacopoeia. Ex: Isphagula, kurchi, Rawolffia, psuralea, cobra venom etc.

* Some drugs become official in Indian Pharmacopoeial List of 1946 and IP of 1955.

* Did extensive work on Rauwolfia serpentina which is a source of rescrpine.

* In 1933, Its alkaloid was proved to have CNS depressant properties and lowers blood pressure. Pharmacy Act 1948 was legislated due to the recommendation from chopras committee. * All Bengal Pharmaceutial Association on his advice.


* 'Indigenous Drugs of India'

* Glossary of Medicinal Plants of India,

* Poisonous Plants of India.


* Held the rank of Major in IMS in 1921.

* Lieutenant-colonel in 1927.

* CIE Award in January 1934.

* Honorary physician and Brevet Rank of Colonel to the king in 1935.

* Fellow of Bengal Asiatic society in 1933. * Got Barclay Medal from the society.

* Minto Medal, Mouatt medal, coatos medal from Calcutta school and University.

* Did Degree from Cambridge University for his contributions to medicine.

* Fellow of Royal college of Physicians of London.

* Working honorary members of American society for Pharmacology Experimental Therapeutics and Pharmaceutical society of Great Britain.

* Corresponding member of Belgium Society of Tropical Medicine working.

* Knighthood in 1941.

* Working -President of Indian science congress in 1948. Sectional President of Physiology & Medical science of congress. Honorary member of IPA

* Dr. E.R. Squibb Award by IPA.


* This great man expired on June 13th, 1973 at Srinagar, Kashmir in his home leaving the world in darkness but the fields of science, medicine and pharmacy were given a shape and identity. Lets all pay tribute to him by taking Pharmacy profession the height no one can imagine.


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