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Uma Pratyusha's picture

Hello Shubhranshu, Thank God! You finally gave your exam and Another THANKS for your valuable tips and suggestions for the exam! I wish you ALL THE BEST! It would have been nice if you have told us some tips on how to study and on what to concentrate more etc....!


Uma Prathyusha

Shubranshu Gupta's picture

My pretty luck that favoured me in the last minute...Yep, I would bring light on them too in my subsequent sequel of this blog....
Payal Dande's picture

Good to know about your "never give out" attitude. Many students face such problems but its our attitude which makes the difference. Your blog will definately help all those who are preparing for these exams. All the best for your admission.
Shubranshu Gupta's picture

That was definitely a huge compliment for me...Well, this incident proves that luck too proves itself much more important than mere preparation at times!

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