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PSG College of pharmacy
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Master of pharmacy
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JSS college of pharmacy, SRIPMS,

Subal Debnath, S.M. Habibur Rahman, Gajanan Deshmukh, N. Duganath, C. Pranitha And A.Chiranjeevi

Antimicrobial Screening of Various Fruit Seed Extracts

Pharmacognosy Journal 1(19): 2011. (83-86)

M. Kannadasan, Subal Debnath, Nilesh P. Babre, P. Parameshwar, V.V. Rajesham and Habibur rahman

Anti-Epileptic Activity of the Hydro-Alcoholic Extract of Erythrina fusca Lour. Bark through Behavioral Studies against the Animal Models of Epilepsy

Research J. Pharm. and Tech. 4(2): 315, 2011.

Habibur Rahman, Telny Thomas Chungath and selvakumaraswamy Kuppusamy

Comparative evaluation of HPMC K100 and poloxamer 188 - influence on release kinetics of Curcumin in floating microspheres,

RJPBCS 1(2): 2010; 28 - 34.

Subal Debnath, S.M.Habibur rahman, Nilesh Babre, Y. S. Manjunath and N. Duganath,

Development and charaxterization of micro-sponge delivery system for silver sulfadiazine,

International Journal of Pharma Research 1 (2): 2010; 40-44

Rahman Habibur, M Ramanathan

Pharmacokinetics and NONMEM analysis of curcumin and its metabolite THC

Drug Metabolism Reviews 42(S1): 2010; i - 266.

S.M.H. Rahman, T.C. Telny, T.K. Ravi and S. Kuppusamy

Role of surfactant and pH on dissolution profile of curcumin

Indian Journal of pharmaceutical Sciences 71(2): 2009; 139-142.

H Rahman, Telny Thomas Cunganth and S Kuppusamy

Influence of Momordica charantia in physical properties and release profile of curcumin formulations

Biosciences, Biotechnology Research Asia 5(01): 2008.

Prudence AR, Arul Kumaran KSG, Habibur Rahman, Sathya Prabha G, Lavanya S

Drug Prescribing Pattern in a Maternity Care Unit

Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 45: 2008; 153-157.


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