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University of Durham
Yaghini, E.; Giuntini, F.; Eggleston, I. M.; Suhling, K.; Seifalian, A. M.; MacRobert, A. J. Fluorescence lifetime imaging and FRET-induced intracellular redistribution of Tat-conjugated quantum dot nanoparticles through interaction with a phthalocyanine photosensitiser. Small 2014, 10, 782-792. Wang, T.-W.; Giuntini, F.; Eggleston, I. M.; Bown, S. G.; MacRobert, A. J. Photochemical internalisation of a macromolecular protein toxin using a cell penetrating peptide-photosensitiser conjugate. J. Control. Release 2012, 157, 305-313. Schimpl, M. ; Rush, C. L. ; Betou, M. ; Eggleston, I. M. ; Recklies, A. D. ; van Aalten, D. M. F. Human YKL-39 is a pseudo-chitinase with retained chitooligosaccharide-binding properties. Biochem. J. 2012, 446, 149-157. Schyttelkopf, A. W.; Andersen, O., A.; Rao, F. V.; Allwood, M.; Rush, C. L.; Eggleston, I. M.; van Aalten, D. M. F. Bisdionin C - A rationally designed, submicromolar inhibitor of family 18 chitinases. ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2011, 2, 428-432. Giuntini, F.; Bourre, L.; MacRobert, A. J.; Wilson, M.; Eggleston, I. M. Improved peptide prodrugs of 5-ALA for PDT: rationalisation of cellular accumulation and protoporphyrin IX production by direct determination of cellular prodrug uptake and prodrug metabolisation. J. Med. Chem. 2009, 52, 4026-4037. Dixon, M. J.; Nathubahai, A.; Andersen, O. A.; van Aalten, D. M. F.; Eggleston, I. M. Solid-phase synthesis of cyclic peptide chitinase inhibitors: SAR of the argifin scaffold. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2009, 7, 259-268.


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