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Dears all, Due to some preoccupation, we could not post all our blogs for the month of February. We hope to post all our blogs for the present month in time. Many of us are are aware of macrophages. But there are some macrophages special to the nervous system called microglial cells. In my first blog I would be giving an introduction to microglial cells and in my second blog, I would like to discuss the role of microglial cells in pain. The conventional vaccines are already extensively discussed. However, vaccines based on recombinant DNA technology is an emerging field. Mridula would be introducing r-DNA vaccines in her first blog. She would be discussing a case study of r-DNA vaccines using Hepatitis B vaccine as an example in her second blog. Drug reaction is a very important aspect of pharmacy Shruti Priya would be giving a brief introduction to adverse drug reactions in her first blog and would be categorizing the adverse drug reactions in her second blog. Finally, I would like to say that presenting a blog in a proper perspective is not an easy task. Extensive hard work is required combined with perseverance. Many of us with our daily hectic schedule are not able to post our blogs in time. However, we should endeavour to post more and more blogs, so that the spirit of this competition is kept alive and more and more knowledge is disseminated. I, on behalf of Pharma Wings wish all the teams not only luck but also the grit to do hard work to bring the best possible in the months to come. With regards,

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