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Government College of Pharmacy, KARAD University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, NAGPUR

1.A paper entitled 'Influence of Diphtheria toxin on the function of the adrenal gland' was accepted for presentation in the International Conference of the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association held in Jan 1977.

2. Completed AFMRC Project on 'Study of Morphine dependence and withdrawal in animals & influence of certain drugs on the dependent and withdrawal states' in March 1984 as Principal worker.

3. Ghate J.V., Sharma Pankaj, Nayak B.B. Effect of Verapamil on male reproduction. Abst. published  XV Annual Conference of Pharmacologists of Maharashtra 1989.

4. Ghate J.V., Microteaching : Concept and Utility. Indian J. Pharm. Educ. 35(4) Oct-Dec 2001.

5. Poisoning and envenomation registry: analysis of 200 case reports Lt Col JK Kairi, Lt Col V Lal, JV Ghate, BB Nayak, Col RB Kotabagi MJAFI 67(2) 2011


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