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Description ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Cell Leader has responsibility for the throughput and quality of products produced by his/her line. This responsibility includes first level personnel supervision, managing of production processes, materials and equipment used within the line. Cell Leaders will train and manage their personnel using lean manufacturing techniques. Cell responsibility will initially be for two product assembly lines, later we will add downstream processes like flow cal and packaging. Cell leaders are responsible for production problem resolution, either directly or via others. While cell leaders are required to do production line work occasionally, they are not a routine part of the production line process. The focus of the Cell Leader is to manage by walking through their areas of responsibility to ensure that all members of the production cell have everything required to perform their function as easily and quickly as possible. Ø Meet or exceed Quality Product Throughput goals. Ø Provide first level of personnel supervision, including compliance to company standards for personnel, issue and conflict resolution, attendance, work speed and quality. Ø Production Process leadership. Lead and train line workers on Lean manufacturing techniques Ø Production Problem Resolution, resolution through others, line status, and problem escalation Ø Line Communications, including news, technical issues, and line performance status. Ø Impromptu meetings as necessary to address achievements, changes, improvements and or special needs. Ø Ensure that required materials and documentation are available to the line at all times Ø Metrics and incentives are tracked and rewarded appropriately Ø Maintain the time balance between all stations so that the work is equally distributed Ø Develop a culture of continuous improvement to decrease the time required to build a good unit and to increase the yield of the overall line output Ø Ensure that at the end of the day all line kanbans have a unit on each of them ready to start production the next day. Qualifications I. QUALIFICATIONS, KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS REQUIRED: Ø Experience in similar products or medical products Ø Ability to lead production of complex products Ø Ability to motivate team and peers to achieve results Ø Ability to read and understand Manufacturing Work Instructions is a must Ø Ability to perform all line work functions Ø Capable of holding strict confidentiality and discretion. ØExperience in troubleshooting mechanical devices is preferred
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