Registration requirement for pharmacists in Nigeria, Part-2

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Orientation programme curriculum

Duration and venue

The duration of the orientation programme will be five weeks comprising of four weeks of lecture , practical, hospital visitation and one week for examinations. The venue shall be rotated between all the faculties of pharmacy in Nigerian universities

The courses

The courses to be taught during the orientation will comprise

* Applied pharmacology and toxicology

* Pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology

* Medical/pharmaceutical chemistry

* Pharmacognosy

* Pharmaceutical microbiology

* Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice

* Pharmacy jurisprudence


Examinations will be organized in all subject areas. The duration of each examination will be two hours. The examinations will consist of short essays and multiple -choice questions. However, extemporaneous preparation of products will be assessed on continuous basis throughout the duration of the programme

The pass mark in all courses will be 50% except in dispensing and pharmacy jurisprudence where it will be 60%

Must have been inducted by pharmacy council of Nigeria

Must have undergone one year internship during which he is provisionally registered

Must have been fully registered after completing the internship training and forwarding the following to the council through the director of pharmaceutical services- certificate of provisional registration , oath certificate, form F/2, form D, Degree result, and completed form J with the appropriate fee.

The first annual license will be issued along with full registration certificate.

For further informationm contact

The pharmacists council of Nigeria

Head office

Plots 7/9

Idu industrial area

PMB 4 15



Tel: 09 6715914




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