NIPER Entrance Examination

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NIPER Entrance examination Tips and Tricks

Tips for preparing NIPER Entrance examination (NIPER JEE)

Introduction to NIPER :-

NIPER (National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute) was established under NIPER Act. The first NIPER institute was started at Mohali (Punjab). Currently, there are 7 NIPER institutes located at various places of India.

Mentor institutes are present for every NIPER institute. These mentor institutes help in the constant development of institute by giving access to their equipments and other facilities to those students studying in respective NIPER colleges. Three types of courses M.Pharm, MS, Ph.D. and pharmaceutical MBA are offered. Pharmaceutical MBA is present only at NIPER Mohali.It is very important to note that MS courses in various branches are not recognized by PCI or AICTE. Hence, those students studying MS in NIPER institutes are not eligible to work as teachers in various university and private colleges. Simply, NIPER institutes can be compared with IITs of engineering. Once, if you are willing to join in NIPER institutes you have to train up your minds to go to research areas in their respective branches. Various courses offered, branches, Number of seats, Mentor institutes and other information about NIPER can be obtained from

Overview of NIPER entrance test ( NIPER JEE):-

NIPER entrance consists of 200 questions which are to be answered in 2hrs (120min) which clearly indicates that time management is very important to get success in NIPER entrance. Understanding the question quickly is very important to pick the right choice. Each question carries one mark (total 200 marks) with 1/4 negative marking for every wrong answer. It is wise to leave the question if you do not know the answer perfectly. Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical analysis are the core subjects from which questions are being asked. There is no need to worry about Pharmacognosy or forensic pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Judispudence) as in GPAT. There is no official syllabus prescribed by NIPER institute for the entrance examination. Today, some coaching centres are available to train for the NIPER. Their materials and model question papers help to review the subject and practice time management. Some websites are conducting online course, competitions, giving model questions papers. is one of such web sites best known conducting online competition fair (OCF) for free of cost. Even though, if you are not able to afford the cost of coaching, you can secure a good rank in NIPER entrance if you can plan and prepare accordingly. Let us now see about subject wise preparation.

Chemistry: Basic organic chemistry and biochemistry is required to answer the questions. There is no need to by heart the complex structures of drugs or SAR aspects as in GPAT. Stereochemistry, Named reactions, Basic methods of synthesis of various organic compounds is required. Thorough concepts of stereochemistry are required. You will be asked to identify the type of stereoisomer by giving various structures or the number of isomers that are possible for a structure. So be prepared for such type of questions. Books: Sameuel (good for stereochemistry), Bahl and Bahl and Morrison Boyd (Named reactions, various methods of synthesis of organic compounds)

Pharmacology: Types of receptors, receptor characterization, mechanism of actions, classification of drugs, overview of clinical trials, preclinical trials are to be concentrated. Importance should be given to the typical, specific type of adverse effects of drugs. Books: Rang and Dale (You can answer maximum number of questions if you can read this book entirely)

Biochemistry, Biotechnology: Classification of enzymes and their functions, mechanism of action of enzymes are to be given importance. Blotting techniques(Western, southern), Gel electrophoresis, Gene cloning, Immunoassays, protein, RNA, DNA synthesis, rDNA technology. Books: U.Satyanarayana

Pharmaceutical analysis: Entire spectroscopy and chromatographic techniques should be covered (UV-Visible, NMR, IR, Mass, XRD, Fluorimetry, HPLC, GC, LCMS). Thorough knowledge on interpretation of IR and NMR peaks is required. There is no need to study the entire instrumentation or the process. Principle involved in various techniques, examples of some drugs and columns is sufficient. Books: YR Sharma, Chatwal Other types of questions: In addition to these subjects, there is a need to know about the recent drug molecules approved by USFDA and names of the scientists who made some important discoveries or inventions. Simple mathematics, logical questions, questions based on English language will be given. Students who can answer these types of questions will definitely have an edge over other students. Finally, efficient time management by answering the questions correctly in the limited time available will ultimately lead to success in NIPER entrance examination.

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NIPER JEE question papers :

Acknowledgements: My sincere thanks my co-author Pavan Kumar Samudrala, who secured 199 rank in NIPER without any coaching and only by his hard work for helping me in writing this. HOPE THIS WILL HELP YOU IN GETTING THROUGH THE NIPER EXAMINATION. HARD WORK NEVER FAILS. TRAIN UP YOUR MINDS TO GO TO RESEARCH FIELD FOR THE BETTER FUTURE OF YOU AND AS WELL AS COUNTRY.



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Author: G.Sailesh


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regards, Vivek Sangam.

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You can post further any kind of doubts that may arise during preparation. All the best G.Sailesh

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is structure play imp.role in this exam...?


G.Sailesh's picture

No question will be asked based on nomenclature of chemical structure or drug. Mostly, the questions in chemistry are based upon stereo chemistry. You will be asked to identify the type of stereo isomer. If you have thorough knowledge on concepts of stereo chemistry you can easily identify it
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sir,,who r u..? can u give me ur info..plz..


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you can visit my biography in the pharmainfo net ink
Chiren Thakar's picture

ok..i m final b.pharma student.our most of proff. say now a days m.pharma is saturated...and nothing output of after i confuse...what is true there no bright future after m.pharma?....


G.Sailesh's picture

Definitely you can have a bright future in the field provided you must have sufficient knowledge. Research in pharmacy is the most important field. I can understand your feelings a I came from the same position where you are in now. Keep aside all fearful thoughts and keep working by upgrading your knowledge. Results will come automatically. You must prove yourself in this competitive world for better future.

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been..touch ..with me...


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Dear sir .. i heard tat only d mohali niper is best among othrs branch. Is dis true??


G.Sailesh's picture

Research is going at its best in NIPER Mohali when compared to other NIPER insititutes. Each NIPER institute has its own speciality depending on MENTOR institutes. Soon I will give you much information about these MENTOR institutes which help in selecting the right specialization in right institute. But NIPER brand name helps a lot for securing a good job. While selecting the branches, it is better to go according to your interest rather than the name of institute

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Dear sailesh you provided the good information.
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Thanks for our suggestions and information about NIPER exam.... Hopefully this would help many people... I would like to add the table of seats of various branches available at various NIPER institutes (category wise) visitors can find them at this link:

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Thank you Balaji and Santosh
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A very good information for getting rank in NIPER. You are giving not only guidance to the students and also motivating to the students, giving confidence to the students. I thank members of for giving update information on ur website for pharmacy profession.

Regards Dr. Rahaman

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sir, these days i heard that with m-pharm the career is not going on and clinical research has gained importance is it true which one is the best?


G.Sailesh's picture

It is true according to my knowledge. Jobs are getting some what easier to those people doing pg courses in clinical research due to less competition and of course lack of professionals in clinical research. Its future in abroad is also good. But, these courses are not recognized by government (AICTE or PCI). Some of the institutes offering pg in clinical research are ICRI, Crema academy.

G N S HEMA SREE's picture

sir, the information what you have given is very valuable and regarding the query can we apply for PHD after pg in clinical research or only m-pharm students can apply for PHD


G.Sailesh's picture

You cannot go for a PhD as I already said this pg course is not recognized by any government authority (AICTE or PCI or any university). In India, you are eligible for PhD only after post graduation in a recognized university whereas in States, you can do PhD even after graduation. I think some institutes offering clinical research courses are giving the certificate in name of some foreign university.

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Do you have any information on off campus PhD courses. I have an MSc in Clinical Research post BPharm and I intend to do PhD on a topic that I can research on from my working place (an MNC Pharmaceutical Company). My MSc is from a UGC recognized Indian university. This MSc was not approved by AICTE or PCI because of the fact that it did not require such an approval since it was outside the perview of AICTE or PCI.

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First of all i would like to inform all members over here is that pci does not approve any m.pharm colleges or courses. The role of pci is only for registering pharmacists, thats why it approves only d.pharm/b.pharm/pharm.d colleges and courses. Secondly, its true that niper is not approved by aicte/pci, but i would like to inform here is that the institute is established by ministry of chemicals and fertilizers, department of pharmaceuticals, govt. Of india and mhrd, new delhi. Niper students can very well practice as a teachers in any of the colleges but provided candidate should be a registered pharmacist ie. A candidate should be b.pharm. Prior to any qualification from niper. Further pci is having problem with those colleges those who are running m.pharm/ without any aicte/pci approval and also they do not have adequate facilities to educate and train the pharmacy professionals, though that course is recognised by ugc. And finally the pci has clearly mentioned in their website that it is not having any problem with niper's since they are having all facilities which are required to train pharmacy professionals. The salary which is offered to niperites by industry is much more than academic industry thats why they need not have to work as faculty and thats why their is no indicative egs. Of teachers are available.


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this is very good information sir.

sikandar kishor

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is doing mba in pharmaceutical management from niper is better than doing mpharm?



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hello sir,

              can u plz tell wer to read c13 NMR from... it is quite confusing... 


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