Clarification regarding Pharm D. course

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Regarding Pharm D. i wud like 2 clarify few things ...

1. After Pharm D. Does student gets eligible directly for NAPLEX ??? {Means not to go for FPGEE + TOEFL +RX Law+ 1500 Intern hours in U.S. }

2. Wat wud be scopes of Pharm D. in INDIA other than that of Principal Investigator{some say only doctors can become
Prin Inv. Need clarification} ?

3. Which option would be more paying - Hospital pharmacist, retail pharmacist, clinical pharmacist or a production pharmacist in U.S. ?

4. In case we reach U.S. after completing Pharm D.,
What is the salary of a Retail pharmacist after clearing FPGEE?[In case if we have to appear,i really dont know]
What is the salary of a Retail pharmacist before/after clearing NAPLEX?

U can answer whatever u know ??? For rest leave out !!!
Ur valuable constructive suggestion wud be appreciable !!!!


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1) If you do 6 years PharmD course ( Not 2 or 3 years Post Baccularate PharmD ) , you are eligible to write FPGEE etc to become pharmacist in USA. You MUST write FPGEE + NAPLEX + Intern Hours+ State Law . No exceptions for foreign Pharm D students

2) I don't know scope of PharmD in India. For rirst few batches students, Lecture job guaranteed i guess ....i am not sure sorry

3) Retail Pharmacist always gets more money because of too much work load and stress ...majority of the pharmacists in retail don't even get time to take lunch most of the times (Ask any pharmacist in retails like Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aide in USA) unless they are working in remote villages or fortunate to get job in slow stores .

4) Salary would be around 45 to 50 dollars (vary from place to place). If you are asking after PharmD..that means after 6 years ..,....depends on how U.S. economy is doing...

5) Before clearing Naplex, you are like any other employee ( no special consideration for your back home degree) and you may get minimum wage

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First of all Thanx sir & also highly Appreciate your valuable guidance .....

1. Why 2 or 3 years Post Baccularate PharmD after B.Pharm from RGUHS can not be eligible for FPGEE n etc etc ????

I have passed out my B.Pharm from R.G.U.H.S. and the syllabus of Pharm D. six years {i.e. 1st-3rd year syllabus of Pharm D. Course content = IS EQUIVALENT TO 4 years RGUHS syllabus with only exception of Pharmacotherapeutics 1 and 2}

In nutshell course content is same ....Like PCI has copied syllabus of Pharm D. from RGUHS syllabus book and only made them fit in 3 years course ....

So if we study P'cotherapeutics 1 & 2 , Comminity Pharmacy, we can cover out the exceptions .....

Also one more thing sir ,Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences is the only
"Health Science University" of India .....

2. Sorry to doubt you but when it's matter of career,it would be proper to reclarify your doubts...Hope u would not mind that sir ....
To what extent, it is true that only 6 year Pharm D. becomes eligible for FPGEE and not Pharm D. Post Baccalaurate ??? Means , Pakka dat Pharm D. Post Baccalaurate from India have no chances whatsoever to get eligible for FPGEE ???

Hope you will provide the information along with the links and refrences.

3. About Nirma University from Gujarat,if u might have heard its name,this institution conducts one course called B.Pharm Hons.{1 year course};the people from institiute tells us that after completion of this course,one becomes eligible for FPGEE which extent is this true ....Can u provide any info regaarding this sir ????

4.Some people are telling that after completing Pharm D.PB.,one can apply for the post of Principal Investigator in India {The only other scope in India other than Lecture Job}??
As such only MBBS candidate can become Principal Investigator .....To which extent is this true ??? Can we really become Principal Investigator ???

5.U even suggested in your first answer that one will have to do Intern Hours again......So then it wud become really long process to complete Pharm D. such as 3 year Post bac+3-6 month to get registration from University + apply for ECE 1 -2 Month + NABP + FPGEE at least 6 month ( It held twice a year) then NAPLEx + TOEFL +RX Law+ 1500 Intern hours. and If you fail or not ready for exam it will take another 6 month. Overall it take 5 to 6 year . And at that time we don't know if any rule chnges for foreign graduate?

I think then ,the only best way is to do 3 year Pharm D Program in USA.internship will complete during school time and one only have to give 2 exams Naplex and Law(?). I think this is fast way .

If any better way other than this then please enlight sir ........

Once again thanking you for ur valuable guidance sir n Hope u encourage more and more students like this in future !!!!

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Let me try to explain NABP way of looking at things from my understanding.

1. NABP compares Apple to Apple . That means Graduation Vs Graduattion . It says , U.S graduates passing out from the year 2003 onwards studying 5 years for their "degree", they only consider foreign graduates if they also did 5 years course to make them eligible for FPGEE .... Before 2003, their graduates are also done 4 years degree , they consider other country graduates with 4 years degree passed out before the 2003.

Some people argued that we have done M-pharm in India or M.S in USA which is 6 years (4 + 2) and they wanted the eligibility for FPGEE. But NABP say ...its apple to apple comparision..i.e graduation vs graduation .... M-pharm or Ph.d doesnot matter ...
FPGEE means Foriegn GRADUTE equivalency test doing this test you are proving you are qually competent as US graduate. Inorder to eligible you need to study or might have studied same number of years as US students for "GRADUATION" . Hope you are clear on this ....

For your eligibility to write FPGEE, you should check with ECE ....Good news i heard but not sure, some peopl who has done D-pharm and b-pharm got approval for FPGEE because they proved that total 6 years they studied to graduate .... So you never know ...I would give a try with ECE and see how it goes for eligibility

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For question 1 and 2, i'm clear ......

Hope u wud enlight on 3-5 Q's .....

Pharm D. students wud have gudscopes, but wat abt Post Baccalaurate students future ??

Only the thought of future sends a chill down my spine !!!!!!

May be one can consider Nirma Univ. option , Short & sweet path .....

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Please ask . no 5 again.....i did not get it

3) As i told you before , i don't know future job oppertunities for PharmD graduate in India

4) About Nirma also..i can not comment . You need to check with ECE . i guess it all depends on how they gave the certificate and how ECE will look in to it. Only that i know about Nirma, couple of years ago they started Dual first 2 years in India and next 2 years in USA but finally they did not got Visas to go to USA....:-) Anyway i would email ECE before i join the course.

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5. U even suggested in your first answer that one will have to do Intern Hours again......So then it wud become really long process to complete Pharm D. such as 3 year Post bac+3-6 month to get registration from University + apply for ECE 1 -2 Month + NABP + FPGEE at least 6 month ( It held twice a year) then NAPLEx + TOEFL +RX Law+ 1500 Intern hours. and If you fail or not ready for exam it will take another 6 month. Overall it take 5 to 6 year . And at that time we don't know if any rule chnges for foreign graduate?

I think then ,the only best way is to do 3 year Pharm D Program in USA.internship will complete during school time and one only have to give 2 exams Naplex and Law(?). I think this is fast way .

A)Why again we'll have to do Intern Hours which we already would have completed in India in Pharm D. PB ?

B)Wat about Accelerated Pharm D course for international students @ 3yrs progm,Is that the only best way to become Pharmacist in US ??

If any better way other than this then please enlight sir ........

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You have answers in your questions only. Its less hastle if you do in USA

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Dear Khan Sir,

Affordability would be the issue,as Fees are too high in U.S. and also there are n number of difficulties faced in getting Visa for US Pharm D. Program [One can say its next to impossible to get Visa for Pharm D. in US]
{ Though Bich ka raasta nikal sakte hei like getting admission for M.S. and then transfer out to the course desired but still that way is also expensive coz u have to pay fees for atleast 1 Semester which goes in vain....}

In India we can afford fees of P.B. course .So

When PCI have already started Post Baccalaurate course,then i think

a}Why they have not given a thought to future of all passed out B.Pharm's interested for Post Bacc. course ?and why is such partiality been considered between 6 year and 3 year Pharm D. course future..

b}otherwise,they also should have included the option for covering out the subject which might have not been taught in respected universities
so that all subjects{which have been mentioned in Pharm D. course} get covered up by Post.Bacc. students and finally a student becomes accomplished according to our own Pharm D. course and enjoy same future as 6 Year course student ......

I think Dr B.Suresh, President PCI needs to give nationwide publicity on Pharm. D. and Pharm D.POST BACCALAURATE course and its importance by conducting awareness programme in some cities or atleast most feasible option{Publish Articles on PCI Website or Upload a interview like video which covers out basic FAQs of any Pharma students} related to Scopes and role of future Indian Pharmacists. Like he did an interview once with you sir ....

He is right person who can tell us about future plans on this course . He is the best person to convince US officials for accepting our Pharm D. and Pharm D.POST BACCALAURATE Pass outs( from India) directly writing NAPLEX Exam WITHOUT doing any extra course or Internships, etc

May be you are the only person i know have interviewed B.Suresh Sir and i also know if there is anyone who can contact him or interview him again regarding Scopes and other queries,it might be you only Khansir !!!!

Hope u would enlight on following queries and take any action related to this, so as to save us Pharma people from RUDE and ARROGANT 'PCI personnel's answers' {Thrice faced their ignorance myself} sitting in PCI Office who really dont have any clue about Pharm D. RECOGNITION when they are contacted by Phone .....


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I wish i could fly for you to take one more interview with Dr.B.Suresh.

Two thinngs you should remember

a) I don't think there would be any descrimination in India between Post Baccularate and Pharm D students in job selection. Baccularate is an option to b-pharm graduates who think they missed the oppertunity or who wanted to go for clinical side

b) About USA accepantance etc.....technically India should produce professionals for INDIA NEEDS ....Its upto USA whom they can accept or not. Remember "beggers are not choosers "

About Dr.B.Suresh capabilities , i 100 % agree with you. With his great vision at least in India Pharm.D course started now . If the previous leaders had this vision , this course would have started couple of years ago. Neighbouring countries like Canada has not implimented 6 years degree and those students are not eligible to write FPGEE in USA. So, at least Dr.B.Suresh made it possible for you.

Writing directly NAPLEX , it can be done at your college level. If your college is accrideted by ACPE (just like PCI ) you are eligible to write NAPLEX directly i guess
Check with these guys first

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a) I am very much clear about your perspective on Same Scopes in India but my Question was about Future of Students internationally …..Forgot to mention that last word internationally{or be specific U.S. in terms of eligibility for FPGEE } …..

b) If u might have gone through President’s message on PCI website .it states like…..

“To meet the growing requirements of the practice side
the PCI has approached the Health Ministry for approval to introduce Pharm.D and Pharm.D (Post Bacclaureate) programmes as registrable qualifications.”

So it’s like they have technically announced of producing Professionals who would be viable throughout World and who can practice anywhere in world …..i think that was also one of core theme behind introduction of Pharm D. course in India ……

Am not sure,what you mean by beggars and chooser in your comment.Hope you would contextualize it ???On that note,As u said in one of blogs earlier, there is no set up or infrastructure for students coming out of this course to work in India … Future really scares us !!!

We people really appreciate Dr.B.Suresh’s efforts and capabilities and his vision …..

“People are more inclined to be drawn in if their leader has a compelling vision. Great leaders help people get in touch with their own aspirations and then will help them forge those aspirations into a personal vision.”

Lacuna of unawareness of Pharm D. program should really be fulfilled by PCI personnels. I think Dr B.Suresh, President PCI needs to give nationwide publicity on Pharm. D. and Pharm D.POST BACCALAURATE course and its importance by conducting awareness programme in some cities
or atleast most feasible option{Publish Articles on PCI Website or Upload a interview like video which covers out basic FAQs of any Pharm D, aspiring students} related to Scopes and role of future Indian Pharmacists.

One more thing,I highly appreciate you,giving your valuable time and
thought{Valuable guidance to me } to this post …

Hope this post help other budding Pharmacists forge their aspiration into personal vision.

Still hope that you could fly back and take interview of Dr.B.Suresh once again(just kidding)or atleast if anyone read this and make PCI personnel’s aware of Lacuna of Unawareness ….

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Well you need to understand is PCI works with global vision i guess not keeping single country in mind . Of course they certainly take one country as role model in setting up guidelines. Well we are begging US to accept us .So we can not choose what they want. Only US will choose what they want. PB's are very well accepted in countries like Canada , Australia and any other country i mean..

If you think outside of your personal goal (reaching USA in short cut with P.B in short time ..:-) ), it all depends on what exactly NABP wants . If you make everything according to NABP guidelines now but NABP can change at any time. What will you do. Its not in your control. It all depends on USA economy and demand. When there was huge demand,foreign graduates were allowed to sit directly for NAPLEX ....So you never know. If NABP feels their own graduates are in trouble they simple make rules more stringent not to let foreign graduates . NABP is known for that and done in the past also. I don't blame them. They have to look after their country needs first. So, it is very easy to blame any organization but if you step in their shoe, perhaps you will come to know. PCI has done good job so far .

Regarding my views in different blog....i still don't know future of PharmD guys...But that doesn't mean you guys don't have future. May be i am not aware of the prospects since i am out of the country for a while......... ...

From the news i read in and some other places i am pretty sure he visited pharmacy colleges and delivered lectures about PharmD courses . May be you are not aware of the information. Its always good idea to convey your ideas/concerns through appropriate channels to get resolved than blaming openly . I guess this is part of professional dealing...

Best of luck anyway...If you find any short cuts for your success, please let us know...

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If it is not India,then no other country would be in pharmacist’s mind other than U.S..{Simple reason,as we are just copying this system from U.S. where this profession is full fledged and atleast people are more aware of Pharmacist’s value}

Regarding Visiting Pharmacy colleges and delivering lectures about Pharm D. Course,I don’t doubt it ,May be I might was not aware of that info.

But still that doesn’t convey the message to all the students.
We all know ,message can’t be delivered to all the students,but as I have said twice above ,information regarding Scopes and all should be readily made accessible to all people atleast on PCI Website or something where any person can access it easily….

Regarding part of professional dealing,we all have been taught to go through appropriate channels to resolve one’s problems ,since from our school time we are taught this thing ….n even I’ve tried to call PCI atleast 10-15 times,n all of the time,the answers were very ignoring and discouraging sort of type …..

Let me ask who can you complain to when no one hears you ?

Remember the old saying “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it fall, does it still make a sound? ”

Anywayz Thanx 4 the wishes Sir …..

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Finally u got it .  Please go through it

Q&A with Dr.B.Suresh on Pharm.D. program in India

Pharmacistk's picture

Thnx Khansir, Quite sweet of you to provide such info !!! Maybe this above link along with ur link will help clear doubts of millions of pharmacist about Pharm D. Course, courtesy our dear great leader Dr.B.Suresh Sir !!
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gud 1

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For me it make more sense to go US to do MS and followed by PH.d . Community pharmacist job demand is decreasing ( ) and lot of pharmacy collleges opened recently in US will make it worse. ( ) Doing PhD over there will help you to get a good & equallly payble job as community pharmacist . Most of the US graduates don't go for Industry job. Less competition from local graduates . Competition for jobs will be between International students mainly among Indian students.
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A consortium of pharmacy groups called the Pharmacy Manpower Project issued a report in 2002 predicting 157,000 unfilled pharmacy openings by 2020. Definetly there would be shortage of pharmacists in any country ...Around the country, universities are opening new pharmacy schools or expanding existing programs, but it likely will take years for supply to meet demand. Some schools have reported 10 applicants for every pharmacy opening, although that figure includes people applying to more than one school. About 100 articles are posted on Shortage of Pharmacist in link below ... There are many of my friend I know having done MS out there in US and worst thing is they are still jobless ... no use of doing MS and even pursuing Ph D and wasting almost 5-6 years and god knows how much money ?? NABP president recently visited India and outcome of meeting was that although Pharm D (P.B.) is not recognized,coz they cant give recognition to any foreign countries course to practice in their country. But they also pointed out that ours Indian syllabus of Pharm D.(P.B.) is more than what they are asking for ....and they would definetly consider our Pharm D.(P.B.) students for eligibility for FPGEE ... eligibility would be case by case in terms of aspiring candidate or even University basis. So eligibility for FPGEE is purely based on candidate's potential or knowledge. It is upto smart individual to decide, whether wants to waste god knows 15-20 lakh rupees and 4-6 years to pursue MS and Ph D or finish one's Pharm D.(P.B.) in India in less than 5 lakh rupees and 3 years time.
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sir, i am venkatesh from andhra pradesh,completed my +2 and going to join pharmd can u plz say me abt its future and where are job opputunites, I am joining the course in karanataka plzzz do reply
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@ Pharmacistkk

I have same questions like you . The Pharm.D program of India is little bit confusing mainly Post baccalurate Pharm.D . I can answer several questions of you but not all .

Ans.1 - Nope you can't go directly for NAPLEX.. Even foreigners who have already completed Pharm.D here are not able to go directly for NAPLEX. They have to go first for FPGEE and procedure u already known.....

Ans. 3- The clinical pharmacist and retail pharmacist are the high paying job in USA., but it depends on the state and area where u working.
Retail Pharmacist dont even get time to eat when they are on the job. Its fact ...... !!!

@ KHAN Sir ,
I have some doubts if you can clear it .
I am right now doing MS in USA and i m just interested in doing Pharm.D Baccalurate program in India.

1) This Pharm.D program is approved by PCI and AICTE. I think this program is mainly developed for the students who wants to work as a Pharmacist in USA only. So do PCI or AICTE confirmed that Pharm.D is equal to the USA Pharm.D program. Otherwise NABP won't allow students to sit for FPGEE. because the NABP is watching Apple to apple thing. They dont hav Brain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Moreover, NABP requires the Foreign students only 5 year curriculam. so why it is so long program of 6 years in India. And specially it is very long for who completed their B.Pharm and want to join Pharm.d Baccalurate program now . Is there any reason . ?

If anybody is able to answer this questions they are really appericiated .
Thankyou all.


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NABP doesn't care PCI or AICTE approvals . I doubt whether they know anything about AICTE....:-) What they care is your 5 years degree, pharmacist registration certificate with state pharmacy council . Now ECE is looking after education evaluation . NABP is no more involved in this. So, it is ECE ( ) will only look at your transcripts and number of years you studeied . It doesn't matter to ECE your degree name is PharmD or B-Pharma or long as it is your 5 years course leading to your graduation in Pharmacy .... here also apple to apple comparision ....Technically NABP should let Indian PharmD candidates to write FPGEE. They are already allowing 5 years degree holder from countries like Syria (?) though name of the course is not exactly Pharm D.

I tnink in India it is 5 years college and 1 year ( Final year) training ...

Pharm.D Baccalurate for b-pharm graduates in India is 3 years i guess like in USA .


In USA, Pharm D baccularate for B.S. gradutes , you can do online (Florida univerity) . You might need to attend couple of classes ( about 10 to 15 hrs i guess ) physically . Rest you can finish online if you are a registered pharmacist in USA . In India , i guess you need to attend college for 2 years and 1 year or so practical training....

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hey guys i want to do pharma d after b. pharm and i m toataly blank for admission process.

Jk Bhatt

Cont : +1 (647) 449-1718

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Out of 8 colleges mentioned out by PCI For Post Bacc. Course(u can find out list of colleges from PCI's Website) only 7 colleges are conducting this course ...

Out of these 7 colleges only Manipal Univ. had conducted entrance exam for admissions..which already are over u need to wait 4 next year's Manipal's Entrance ..

Regarding left 6 colleges ,they give admissions on donation basis ...

Out of 6, J.S.S.'s 2 colleges seats are over ....

For remaining 4 colleges,whose contact number u can find out on following website.

I am afraid u are too late 4 admissions this year...
But still hope dat u be able to procure a seat 4 urself dear ..

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Dear Khan Sir and other Members,

Posting this on behalf of my spouse.
She has completed M.Pharma and major in pharmaceutics.

I will be in US for my professional commitments.So i can get workpermit for her.
How can she get a job in states based on her M.Pharma Degree.

Like what should be approach to get ajob in Walgreens / CVS or any phamacy store?
I see discussion about the Pharma D and NAMPLEX FPGEE ...

can you or someone in this forum outline something for M.Pharma, what certificate / course is rquired?
your suggestions will help us in great deal.


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She can get jobs in Pharmaceutical Industry. If she wants to join in Pharmacy she has to pass couple of exams . see here

@mitK's picture


Is TOEFL & TSE Mandatory?

Question:Which license are they refering to here? Is that Mandatory?
*Proof of Licence :
Photocopy of license and/or registration certificate must be unrestricted and certified by the appropriate government official of the jurisdiction issuing the license in an envelope sealed by the same issuing official.

"Few states like Florida, Michigan offering intern permit without FPGEC® certification "
Considering that we will be in Florida, is there a possibility that after ECE evaluation she can do internship with pharmacy stores without appearing in for FPGEC?


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dear sir i do my d-pharma in 2001 now i want to do pharma-d course.can u guide me how can enter in this course wts the procedure for addmission in this course.can i quilifying any compt.exam for 2nd year in pharma-d course.or any age limitation.plz help me how can prepare myself for it. thx

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Dear,if u have passed 10+2, then u can join in 1 st year Pharm D. Course{6 years Course} ....One cannot directly enter into 2nd Year Phrm D. course ...
but u can ofcourse enter 2nd year B.Pharm ...but at the end when u'll pass B.Pharma ...Pharm D.Post Baccalaurate course wud be closed it wud run only till 1st batch of 6year Pharm D. Course gets out ....

Right now there are no Qualifying/Competitive Exams ...but PCI may undertake any qualifying exams next year ...

No Age Limitation ....

Anil Sharma's picture

thx that for guide me,can u tell can i enter this year pharma d course anywhere?

Pharmacistk's picture

Dear, wud still advise u 2 go through PCI website ...

List out phone numbers of Colleges which u r interested 2 join.....N ring up..if they still have any seats left ...
Luck might favour u !!!! n save ur precious 1 year from wasting ...

Wish u luck ...

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Hiiii dis is pavan 4m Hyderabad want to join in pharma d.I completed my intermediate(MPC) in I eligible to join d course.

Pharmacistk's picture

4. Minimum qualification for admission to. –

a) Pharm.D. Part-I Course – A pass in any of the following examinations -

(1) 10+2 examination with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects:

Mathematics or Biology.

(2) A pass in D.Pharm course from an institution approved by the Pharmacy Council of India under section 12 of the Pharmacy Act.

(3) Any other qualification approved by the Pharmacy Council of India as equivalent to any of the above examinations.

Provided that a student should complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission to the course.

Provided that there shall be reservation of seats for the students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Classes in accordance with the instructions issued by the Central Government/State Government/Union Territory Administration as the case may be from time to time.

b) Pharm.D. (Post Baccalaureate) Course -

A pass in B.Pharm from an institution approved by the Pharmacy Council of India under section 12 of the Pharmacy Act:

Provided that there shall be reservation of seats for the students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Classes in accordance with the instructions issued by the Central Government/State Government/Union Territory Administration as the case may be from time to time.

Pavan,U are eligible to join Pharm D. Course as per PCI norms...

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Hello..!!! Sir,

Question 1) I am complited B.Pharm from india. and now want to plan for FPGEE and NEPLEX examination, so what have to do..??? please guide me.

Question 2) and sir if FPGEE and NEPLEX have the reqirement 6 years then if i will complite ma Pharm D. from indian university thats offer based on rules of PCI and AICTE. then i will apear for FPGEE exam..???

Question 3) Pharm. D. course offered by Indian university that approved by NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy)...????

please give answered of these all questiond..Thanks

my email id..

Pharmacistk's picture

Dear Henish,

1) To be eligible for FPGEE ...
Either go for any US Univ offerring Pharm D. Accelerated Couse
go for Nirma University offered Honorary B.Pharm Course{1 year course after B.Pharm} ??? But m not still sure of students getting eligible for FPGEE after passing out that extra 5 th year course after B.Pharm ...No Proof ...So better check out with any of ur Nirma College frendz or with NABP ....

2)6 years course right now is making student eligible for FPGEE ....


There is no meaning in again going on for 6 year study ...aND wAT if after 6 years NABP change rules regarding 6 year Pharm D. course ??i.e. Makes 6 year course ineligible for FPGEE ...then whAT ???

3)If u carefully read this whole Article ..almost all of ur doubts would get resolved ...

Dear alwayz remember this line by Ruskin...
"He who can take no interest in what is SMALL,will take FALSE INTEREST in what is Great."

rEGARDS pharmacistkk :)

varenya's picture

if we study bpharm from rguhs and then post baccalaureate from the same university,are we eligible to practice pharma D in unitedstates.

Pharmacistk's picture

Post baccalaurate course u do from any university,it does not satisfies 5 year requirement set by NABP ...
They need 5 years study only ...although,we wud be givin 'em 7 years ....

So that makes us ineligible to practice Pharm D. in U.S. ....
this point also have been well explained by Khansir in this post !!! NABP compares Apple to Apple only !!

Pharmacistk's picture

First of all good Question ...Best answer can be given by PCI only ...

According to my way of thinking;there could be reasons like :
1)To make Indian students eligible to practice pharmacy profession in Foreign Countries {exclude US}....
2)To meet ever growing requrements of Practising Clinical Pharmacist(only M.Pharm Clinical Pharmacy candidates) in India....

3)Before 1st batch{2008} of Pharm D. {After 12th course} comes out ...till then if some Pharm D. P.B. are already there then like they all serve as catalyst of boosting practising side which is in infant stage in India right now to fill up the gap.

Shailaja Trivedi's picture

Resp Sirs,

I have completed D Pharm, B Pharm, and am currently doing MBA in Healthcare Management, which I shall finish by this April, 2010 from Manipal University. I recently got married, and my husband being in US, plan to settle there after the completion my course.
I would be very grateful to you if you can suggest me my future career opportunities in US as a B Pharm degree holder as well as a MBA.
I did go through all the posts and questions made till date, but the doubts which arise after reading them are:
1) Should I search for job as a MBA in Healthcare Management directly?
2) Or else again continue doing MS there, take a US degree and then become a practicing pharmacist, or Pharm D would be a better option?
3) Would like to know which would be a better career opportunity, doing MS/ Pharm D or else as a MBA?
4) And which would be the most feasible option, looking at the options available?
5) Does my D Pharm count too, for the requirements of the five years pharmacy requirements asked by them?

Wishing for your valued cooperation,

Shailaja Trivedi

Shailja Trivedi

Pharmacistk's picture

Dear Shailaja, 1-4 : Answers of ur Q:1-4 depends on your take of lyf ....wat u wanna be ?? wat u wanna pursue in short time ?? Pharm D. is best option of all any given day. 5 : Sometimes NABP considers 5 years study ... u gotta check out with NABP ...hope luck and NABP favours u !!!!
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hello everybody i will be rally thankful if anybdy culd just guide me d exact procedure fr applyin or pursuing pharmd in d us.i will be completing my b.pharm dis year?so which all exams do i hve 2 clear and wt other things m supposed 2 do for applyin 2 d college dere?how much will be my fee untill i complete my pharmd? wt is d present market scenario fr d pharmacist in us (job opportunities)?
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Right now (Nov, 2010), Pharmacists in USA (US citizens ) are not able find jobs . So, if you are asking for forigen pharmacists ...hmmmm ..may be night a good option at this moment . Following website might help you ..
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thanks a lot fr replyin but i woulb b really grateful of u if u could just help me out wid my other questions>?????? or if anybody could.