Regarding scope of pharmD in USA after doing it in INDIA

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Hello sir,
Im doing my Bpharmacy(4th year) final year.I will be completing my Bpharmacy by MAY 2010.After this i want to do pharmD in India and after that i want to move to USA.what is the procedure for getting registered as pharmacist over USA? what exams we need to write?? NAPLEX,FPGEE,TOEFL,TSE we have to write all these exams??How the exams will be??what are the requirements to get registered over there??whether the pharmD here is approved or not over USA???
Thanking you,


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Please go through this link. You will get all the information needed. If you have any unanswered question, please let me know

Clarification of Pharm D. in India and working at USA