What is the significance of Pharm.D course in pharmacy education in INDIA?

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Though D.Pharm(Diploma in Pharmacy-2 years course) is the minimum requirement to become a registered pharmacist in India, Many students prefer the B.pharm course (Bachelor in Pharmacy-4 years course).Recently a new 6 years course "Doctor in pharmacy" (Pharm.D)is introduced by Pharmacy Council of India & permitted a few universities to conduct this course. Pharm.D is already established as a professional pharmacy course in many countries including U.S.A. The cynosure of this course is the 1 full working year internship in hospitals as a part of the course moreover Pharm.D post baccalaureate course(2+1 years)is also available in some universities for B.pharm graduates. Then what is the Advantage of newly introduced pharm.D course over already established B.pharm course available in our country? There was a seminar organised by Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association on the Theme "Redefining Pharmacy Education In India" held at New Delhi. The agenda of the seminar was to discuss the Need of upgaradation in system of pharmacy education in India.The debate also revolved around the role of Pharm.D course in the current scenario of pharmacy education in India, which presently apears to be ambiguous. Pharmacy education system in India has remained Rigid & unchanged from a long period of time & Hence higher quality of pharmaceutical education which is more flexible & adaptable is demanded nowadays. In this context, introduction of Pharm.D courses can be a crucial move, But the actual Role of Pharm.D in pharmacy education system of India will be more apprehensible when the First batch of this course will graduate.

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