Discussion on Post Prescribing Patient Care

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I storngly believe that there are defenite place for pharmacist in healthcare in India. Well no doublt about that; But the doubt was were to place the pharmacists in health care system of India . There are; Physicians - well placed Surgeons- well placed Pharmacists - placed only inside pharmacy ? well we see 10th pass in there, most of the time. I remember an sms came to me from a pharma friend - "for my shop in Bangalore I need a 10th pass, 12th pass, D.Pharm failed or pass immediately" Nurses- well placed Lab people- well placed Scanning people- well placed Social health workers- well placed Physiotherapists - well placed I clearly believe in a hospital or clinical setting, pharmacist can work effectively in delivering the right patient care mostly after the prescription is generated. Drug Interaction Checking ADR Monitoring Medications errors Patient Adherence Addressing public health issues and...


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patient counselling on drug usage, is done by the "PHARMACIST" for patient's better outcome.
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hi sir, what you told thats right because pharmacist only able to tell how to take the medicine properly. riht time right dose and right frequency.pharmacist requirement in now a days very necessary. he should be well placed.

k.h.ushadevi pharm.D

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As a clinical pharmacist it is very important responsibility to provide health care and for that we have to practice alot to improve the patient care and what i feel that sir, government should encourage our pharmacists by creating clinical pharmacist posts in every hospital that will help the pharmacists to come out of dispensing and provide better patient care.


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To make a well established place in the medical field,be it any professional, a mutual understanding is important is what i feel. Although we are ready to diversify our profession, i think the ignorance of what we do or can do, by other professionals, is high . For a clinical pharmacist to have a role in the healthcare set up post prescribing services as what you have said may play a very crucial role.Not only the healthcare team but also the public must be aware of the services we provide and utilize them. Not only can we help the patients, but we can even provide better therapeutic plans to the physicians in near future is what I hope. The post prescribing services can also help in pharmacovigilance studies, which are gaining more attention now- a- days.
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Hi sir, I agree that pharmacist can play an important role on post prescribing area. For example we can report any drug related adverse reactions to the regional pharmacovigilance centers. A clinical pharmacist can help the doctor by giving drug information based on the requirement, accordingly to the patient condition for better care. This can be achieved by good relation with other health care professional and patients.

Giri Pharm.D Intern

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Very apt topic which unfortunately is ever green since 1948 the year Pharmacy Act was passed by the Indian Parliament! Look at the veriety of Pharmacists we have: Early compounders Latter Pharmacist (D Pharm) Then Pharmacist with B Pharm and M Pharm Now the Post Baccalaureate in Pharmacy and, Pharmacist with Pharm D Unlike other health care profession, these varied qualifications are not specializations. All are Pharmacists trying to carve out their place in the hospital / clinical set up in their own way. If we ourselves are not clear in our understanding of the scope and limits of these pharmacists, we cannot expect the other co-professionals to understand us. If one has succeeded to attain a respectable height, it is because of his / her effort, knowledge and skill. If one hasn't made any dent in the place of work it is because of his / her weakness. so to say, the qualification don't assure any status. I have seem many M Pharms in the hospital who are incapable of clear communication and resolving even simple issues. I have seen few D Pharm pharmacists who are aggressive, good in communication and have established their identity in the hospital. What is now needed is clear understanding of ourselves: what we are?, whats our scope? and whats our limit? 1. We are all pharmacists and ours is a supportive profession in the hospital / clinical service 2. If our qualification is D Pharm / B Pharm / M Pharm - lets understand that our area of service is in drugs logistics with very little clinical pharmacy. If we are Pharm D / post Baccalaureate , our area is clinical pharmacy to provide informative support to the clinic. [I wish to be corrected if I am wrong] The issue is how to establish our identity? A. For what ever the purpose we enter the hospital / clinical set up, the first and foremost thing to observe is to keep eyes and ear open and open the mouth very sparingly for at least 2 - 3 months, even if some blunder is happening before our eyes. B. Never venture to hit or take a dig at the top. Start educating and helping nurses and junior doctors like a mouse that burrows the base of a hill. C. Strictly avoid gossiping and over play the mistakes you may have come across to show up yourself. E. Always be supportive and helpful like a friendly neighbor to the doctors and nurses. F. Majority of the Pharmacist in the hospital are not comfortable in talking and communication. The talking and communicating skill should be taught at the college level itself otherwise the students / the professional pharmacist should learn the art on their own in some private coach classes because talking and communication skill is the main tool for any pharmacist in the hospital. Hope I have made my point clear, Good luck

Bhagavan P.S. B Pharm

Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India
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Dear Bhagavan Sir, You are welcome to Anantapur. Its 4 hours journey from Bangalore. Please find out a suitable day for interacting with our students. Yesterday I discussed about the movie "Erin Brochovich" to our PharmD students. Its is based on a true story of a jobless mother started working in a law firm which had a client sick due to hexavalent chromium from the nearby multibillion company. She went to that area and found that more than 600 people were seriously sick due to the contamination. Erin was not a lawyer but she was most trusted by their clients Erin was not a doctor by she was most trusted by the sick Your point is very clear; that just being a doctor or pharmacist it will not have a positive impact in health care. The professional need to deliver extraordinary good work to be recognized. Best regards & expect you soon visiting us Call me 08978541693

Mr. Dixon Thomas, M. Pharm, M. S., RPh Assoc. Prof., RIPER 


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Thanks for the invite. I will definitely make it in one of these days. I love to share my experience with young students and learn more from the teachers. You can contact me on 9980866994 regards and good wishes bhagavanps

Bhagavan P.S. B Pharm

Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India
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seriously i don't know why peoples thought that a pharmacy student is just mean to be a pharmacist or he/she has to open a chemist shop and that is it for them. we are equally important as doctors and even somewhere we are more important than doctors for societies health.
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All of you are right. In my dispensary due respect is given to me by doctors. Reason is simple that I am cooperative to all the staff along with doctors. From last one week one of doctor prescribing Nimesulide to children below the age of 12 years. While Nimesulide has been banned for children below the age of 12 years. Therefore, I simple sent him a note that sir please note that tab nimesulide has been banned. That doctor has not taken it otherwise and thanked me for informing him. Here Mr. Bhagavan sir has discussed that pharmacist are not good in communication. In my opinion this is because that pharmacists are overbudrened with work. After completing with OPD other staff do chatting but on other side a pharmacist spends his time in maintaining stock and checking balance of medicines. He do not have time to interact with other staff and thus lacks communications with others.

General Secretary Indian Pharmacist Association (IPA) http://www.ipa.medlineindia.com

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