Creativity is Awesome and Plagiarism is Faster but with no Credit

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Dear all contest Members

It's a time for us to give you a brief and simple word concerning the plagiarism.

As it was required by the Skill Contest Board, we will try to stress out a practical paragraphe about this concept, which is not a new issue, especially among the academic world.

We will discus this concept in four (4) main parts: Introduction (What is the plagiarism) - Form of Plagiarism - Reasons why does Plagiarism occur - How can we try to avoid this intellectual piracy .

What is plagiarism ?

From Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary, Wikipedia define Plagiarism as "the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions, and the representation of them as one's own original work.

We can see that it "a form of piracy. It poses a threat to the Integrity of Scientific Community. It is one of the most common offenses and often is the result of lack of Knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

However the plagiarism might look like, the point at which the process moves from originality to plagiarism is not easily defined and creates the great paradox that surrounds plagiarism. Plagiarism is a terrible old disease, fatal to the plagiarist. It is illegal, immoral, and unethical. James P. Smith1 stated: "Plagiarists must have a death wish for their actions can result in professional suicide."

Although misconduct in Science, plagiarism is not a recent phenomenon2 academic plagiarism is a thorny ethical and practical problem. Thus we can simply define the plagiarism as "a Crime of Intellectual Kidnapping"3

Forms of Plagiarism

Sometime plagiarism can be difficultly recognized due to its several manifestations and forms. Ideas and text are always the common objects to be plagiarized. The common forms of plagiarism are Self-plagiarism and redundant and/or duplicate publications.

In many cases the writers don't even know which actions constitute plagiarism, then they believe that by citing the appropriate references they do escape to the plagiarism and all its effects.

An additional and common form of plagiarism related to incorrect citation could be called the "second-generation reference". In this form of plagiarism, author A, the plagiarist, uses a citation from author B, who has (correctly or incorrectly, but certainly originally) cited author C.4 From this example, we can see that plagiarism can be also committed unwittingly by omission of a reference.

Reason why does plagiarism occurs?

Let's try to stress out the point why does plagiarism always occur with students or writers?

We have several reasons why people are brought to plagiarize. Among the many reason we have the assignments deadlines are always the external pressure which give the people the concept to plagiarism.

We can subdivide three categories 5

1. Writing and Research Skill

O Lack of research Skill

Many students practice plagiarism because they do not know how to search database for academic journal papers.

O Issues relating to evaluate the Internet sources

Many students do lack the evaluative critical spirit of the information provided by internet.

O Confusing between plagiarism and paraphrasing

This issue often occurs when they students are faced to an unfamiliar vocabulary and technical terms. This inability to distinguish between the two concept is often the root causes of unwillingly and unintentional plagiarism

O Confusing terminology and careless note taking

Terminology constitutes also one of the major issues in plagiarism. Students might not understand some terms (for example report and assay) and this leads easily to plagiarism

Sometimes the ways students take note bring them to plagiarize, because during this phase, the materials are mixed up.

2. External factors

O Pressure from teachers/family and competition for scholarship and Job

Sometimes are object to great deal of pressure to maintain a certain grade points regardless of what is learned. Competing for scholarship, job, or entry into graduate school enhances the pressure on the students who easily overcome their problems with a certain level of plagiarism

3. Internal Factors

O Poor time management and organization skill

Students who often plagiarize don't have a time management or organizational skill necessary to complete a large research paper. They find themselves with a lot of task to accomplish and with a lot of pressure.

How can we try to avoid this intellectual piracy?

As stated by Sue Thompson6, a systems cordinator of San Marcos Library for the California State University "Plagiarism seems like such an easy concept to understand: the dishonest practice of claiming credit for something you didn't do. Avoiding plagiarism seems equally simple: giving credit where credit is due. And it is that simple -- sort of." 6

Learning is to absorbe as much reliable information and knowledge as we can in order to develop or to build up our own understanding and interpretation on a particular subject for the sake of the science

O We should first know what is plagiarism

O We should know the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing

O Students should be trained to conduct research work by themselves rather than copying other people work

O The students and researchers should have the awareness of integrity and ingenuity of academic paper 7

O The students must be told about the severe kind of penalties against this serious crime of plagiarism

O Students should change their attitude about using citation

O Improve their note taking skills

O Keep good time management and

O Find the appropriate style for the appropriate paper

O Acknowledge the source used in our work.

O Believe in your own writing and conclusion

O Always double-check your own work

O Be confident in what we are assigned to do

O Have the passion to learn and to face challenges

Let us give credit to Science and its Knowledge but being proud of who we are and by saying NO to Plagiarism.

<<Knowledge is a weapon, i intended to be formidably armed >> - Terry Goodkind


1. Smith JP. Plagiarists publish and perish [editorial]. J Adv Nurs. 1999; 30:777-778

2. Broad W, Wade N. Betrayers of the truth. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1982

3. Pamela A. Jackson. Plagiarism Instruction Online: Assessing Undergraduate students' Ability to Avoid Plagiarism. College & Research Libraries. September 2006

4. John D.Armstrong Ill. Plagiarism: What Is It, Whom Does It Offend, and How Does One Deal with It? AJR: 161, September 1993





About the Author

Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

My name's Guy-Armel BOUNDA. I'm from Gabon (Middele Africa) and a Ph.D Candidate in China Pharmaceutical University.I am carrying out my Research Project in Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, China .


Siva Mavuduru's picture

Excellent blog and it proved your style but let me know how many words can i use as it is with out quotation marks from a particular statement? I mean is there any limit for using the number of words as it is, avoiding plagiarism?
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank you sir for your interest in my blog.

Concerning your question, i will say this:

I frankly think that there is no limit of words without quotation marks from a particular statement as long as you understand the meaning of this quotation and as long as you use your own words to explain this quotation without simply quoting.

But i will add that to avoid plagiarism you should avoid quoting too much in your work, because less you quote, more you think and more you can explain what you write.

Hope you are satified.


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criticone's picture

Hi, I am one of the reviewers from , trying to help you better understanding of the expectation. Your overall presentation style is good. When i ran through plagiarism checker softwares, some of the sentenses are taken "as is" from another sources , Please check and advise 1) What are those sentenses ? 2)How can you (or any one) avoid in future ? Please note that my goal is to help you . Not to intimidate or belittle you.
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank you for your advice and your input. when i run through copyscape i found that it's the Statement ( " Plagiarism seems like ...... - sort of") of Sue Thompson whom i acknowledge already by the reference no 6. I really like the way she said: "Avoiding plagiarism seems equally simple: giving credit where credit is due " In the future people should try to cite the right quotation And as i already stressed in my blog, people should try to avoir to have many quotations in their articles or blogs. Blessings

China CPU Challengers

criticone's picture

You fixed those sentenses in question . Please check plagiarism checkers ( before posting blogs .
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank your words of encourgament. Right now i double checked plagiarism through the plagiarism checker that you provided the link. The few results all refers to my own article in my onw blog. and to the reference i already made. Thank you for your guidance. Blessings

China CPU Challengers

K Rajakrishna's picture

dear sir, your blog is quite informative with regards to the the reasons why some ones goes for it. but can u eloborate on how to find the correct author of an aritcle!. i mean to say that as you have told that we have an incorrect citatios as the articles are a copy of one or more in such case, how to determine the exact creditfull author!. as it is said that the plagraism is copying the information or idea, then when a person is writing an reveiw article then can the whole article or a blog be composed of fragments of different citations!. how many citations are allowed in an article?.
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank you for the comment in this blog and the questions i will try to give you satifaction. How to find the correct author of an article might seems difficult with these informations provided through internet, but i will tell you that it's quite easy. I will give you some tips. 1: First of all, when you have the theme of the research, please try to have much informations about this them and the early date the work was done. 2: Don't take the first source that you find on internet. 3: If you have for the same theme of research, differents dates and differents people who worked on it, please i will advice to go for the earliest source. How many citations are allowed in article ? For this question i will say that: There is no a number required of citations which may appeared in an article An article with more references is an article whose the author has done a lot of research But we should avoid too many citations otherwise we will fall into plagiarism. Thank you

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K Rajakrishna's picture

thank you very much for giving an very comprehensive reply to my comment!. i am very much satisfied with your answer and thank you very much!. i have another question for you! Q)can i use the information given in an copyrighted material in my blog or in my article!. does providing citation in such a case avoid plagiarism?.
Sana Bangliwala's picture

Dear sir, your blog gives such a simple & pin pointed information on plagiarism... Thank u for such a beautiful information... Reagards...

Sana Bangliwala, THe Ayurpreachers.

Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank you

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G.Sailesh's picture

Dear Sir, The causes of plagiarism and preventive steps were very well explained. Can I know the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarism sir?
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Dear sir Thank for the question As we already said , Plagiarism is a Intellectual piracy in which people take the credit of something by reproducing someone else work without acknowledging the primary author of this work. Paraphrasing which is far different to plagiarism, is a valuable skill and legitime way to borrow from a source. It is our own rendition of essential and information expressed by someone else, presented in a new form. Thanx

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Dr Girija Sankar's picture

Bounda, Good blog from your side. But i would like to express my view on the following sentence. "Students should be trained to conduct research work by themselves rather than copying other people work" Before the students begin their research they should have a vivid picture of the earlier works. Without knowing this, how can the student initiate the research work? I feel research should be "need-based" work.

Dr.G.Girija Sankar, Associate Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, College of Pharmaceutical Science, Andhra University.

Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Dear Prof Sankar. Thank you for your input. You have said it right. Before students begin their research, it's really important and crucial to have a vivid picture of the earlier works for many reasons: - To avoid doing the same research which was already be done by someone else. - To know in which area the research can be followed. - To do a comparative research. As stated by Terry Goodkind " Knowledge is a weapon, i intend to be formidably armed" which formaly means that to be well armed in conducting a research, we should know a lot concerning the keys points of that research. But it doesn't mean that we should just do the same research and take credit of it as it was the first time it was done.

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Sirisha Pingali's picture

Sir, I have a doubt. What about writing running notes. Sometimes the teacher dictates some sentences as it is from her notes. If thats the case, are we plagiarising the material?

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Dear hello You have asked a crucial question as we are talking about the plagiarism. Taking notes from teacher can be tricky sometimes depending to the teacher. Because some teachers, especially would like student during exams to write back what they have been ditacted. For me it's not a plagiarism, but they push students to memorize exactly what they have given them. PS: But i will stress out that those kinds of teachers are not really wise, because they should train students how to take notes and not to have exactly words by words what they give them. Because, the note taking it's a rapid task which is based on student understanding and skill to write something in his own word but with the same meaning.

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Sravani kompella's picture

Its a very informative blog sir .
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank you Blessings

China CPU Challengers

Gangadhar Hari's picture

Well Elaborated Blog Sir... Thank You..
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank you sir

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Sanket Shah's picture

hello sir, thanks for giving such an informative and well described blog.... but i have a question that is there any organisation working to avoid plagiarism just as WIPO for protection of intellectual property....
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Hello sir Thank you for your question. Concerning the organization working to avoid plagiarism, WIPO is the best as it is a worldwide organization. It is one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations. Does it exist any organization like that one ? Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) is also another organization that tries to stop Piracy. Blessing

China CPU Challengers

Siriki Praveen Kumar's picture

Hi Sir Your blog really gave a clarity about plagiarism. Sir, do students in China and other countries have enough of awareness about plagiarism?


S. Praveen Kumar.

Pharma warriors

Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Dear Kumar. How are you ? Thank you for the questions. As i have been in China since 2002, i have seen a lot of thing. China is something else i can tell you. Students in China and in others countries are aware of plagiarism. In China, they are aware of plagiarism , especially when it's about scientific article to publish. But i can also tell you that, when i was an undergraduate student, i was shocked when i was seeing how my classmates were plagiarizing (Copy and past) for homeworks. This is how i discovered that i take at least two weeks to write a homework (article) when they just do it in 3 to 5 days. But let me add that when students get caught, they are really in big trouble. Thank you

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Swagat K. Soni's picture

Such a beautiful description about plagiarism,sir..... thank u for this sweet & mind absorbing matter... Regards..

Swagat K. Soni Anand Pharmacy college M.Pharm (Pharmacology)

Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank you very much

China CPU Challengers

Mridula jayaraman's picture

thank u for the info.

mridula jayaraman

Pharma Wings

Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Dear Thank you

China CPU Challengers

SS Md Shafi's picture

Dear Bounda... nice information.... In case of some of our examinations we are remembering the matter as is which is present in the textbook or material and presenting it in our examinations , ofcourse this will happen usually in the scools where the teachers are lacking DO WE ARE PLAGIARISING.....???

shafi ..

Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Dear Shafi Shalom and thank you for your concern. i do believe that as students, they should know how to understand a subject and to answer those subjects by using their own words not necessary writing the same words which are in the textbook or material given to them by the teachers. So i think that, sometimes the students don't have choice rather to plagiarize because it's due to the request of their teachers who do want them to have back what they have dictated during classes or presentations. But in this case, this style of examination doesn't help student because i believe right after the exams, the students forget every, because they studied just to pass the test and not to have a knowledge. Thank you

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hello sir, it is very nice blog.
Guy-Armel BOUNDA's picture

Thank you sir we do appreciate

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a nice blog

mridula jayaraman

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