University of the Punjab (Pharmacy College) Lahore Pakistan

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University of the Punjab Pharmacy College located in Lahore Pakistan .


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The pharmacy department of the Punjab University is the top department in the whole Pakistan. There is no match of our department with any other pharmacy department in all the universities of Pakistan. Teachers, library, labs all are best of best.  For our faculty of Pharmacy, there is no entry test as such. Only FSc (pre-medical) students are able to apply for Pharm.D (5 year) degree here. The key requirement is to have scored high marks in the FSc exam. Mostly the students who apply are those who have missed out on a place at a Med School so the competition is pretty tough as thousands of people with great scores are applying for admission. 4 Things from My Experience here 

  1. Education is going to do wonders for you but only if you are interested in studying. No one is going to compel you to study at the University level so it is important to study something that you enjoy and want to pursue. Teachers will always be willing to guide and help out someone who really wants to learn.
  2. Classes will mostly be on time and people who come here tend to attend classes as attendance is a serious thing. Teachers will take the time to get to know their students and help out their class in whatever way they can. Bunking the classes is not an option as there is a 75% minimum attendance rule.
  3. How did I get admission? I secure very high marks in FSc and I was able to make it to the University on Merit. For PUCIT and University College of Pharmacy you need to secure at least 80% above marks to get a chance of admission on open merit.
  4. It is a great place to spend your student life. You are in the heart of Lahore and you have the world at your feet. You have the best places to eat right around the corner from you and you have a lovely campus to call home. Take the chance to come here if you can make, it is totally worth it.


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