University of the Philippines - Manila

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I spent 5 years of my college life at the College of Pharmacy, University of the Philippines - Manila and all those years I have witness how our school takes pride in the 100% passing rate we get during our licensure exam every single year. Not to mention always dominating the spots in the top 10 successful examinees. But even so I would say that it is not a training ground for board passers, but rather a training ground for excellent pharmacist (when deployed on field).

I remember every laboratory sessions where we need to borrow or share apparatus since being a state university we only have very limited fund and yet we learn even more. My professor said that our scarcity made us understand how each experiment takes place because it is only by knowing the rationale behind each step that we will be able to substitute and improvised out of what is available in the lab. My calssmates and I would have to shcedule the use of these instruments and help each other finish our laboratory experiments.

2 things I love most about the college?

1. young and yet very good professors, full of knowledge and effectively shares it with us

2. a very "toxic" college in terms of level of difficulty and activities and yet actively participates in extra curricular activities in and outside of the college such as lantern parades and more (and excells at these extra activities too)

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