Clinical & Experimental Therapeutics, Ph.D. in The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy-USA

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Program Description

The purpose of the Program in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics (CET) is to provide graduate training in therapeutics-related research that directly connects the basic science laboratory with the clinical practice setting.

The CET Program provides interdisciplinary graduate training program in therapeutics and drug development research utilizing the combined resources of the University of Georgia and Georgia Regents University in Augusta, Georgia.

This association facilitates interaction with the faculty of both institutions.  Members encompass a variety of health-related backgrounds and education and include Pharm.D.s, M.D.s, and Ph.D.s.  Their clinical as well as basic science expertise allows for a truly interdisciplinary and translational approach to graduate training.

While the course requirements for graduate students enrolled in the program cover both areas, research opportunities allow students to focus on either the experimental (basic) or clinical science track.

How to Apply


Please read the following Graduate School and Department application information carefully. Failure to complete the instructions below could delay application processing. For full consideration, all required materials need to be submitted no later than January 31.

STEP ONE: Graduate School Application Process

  • Complete the online Graduate School Application and required documents/fees.Please be aware that the Online Recommendation Option is available for our department. The Major Code for Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy is 621I.
  • Submit two official transcripts (academic records) for ALL undergraduate and any graduate institutions of higher education attended. Copies are not acceptable.
  • Submit official GRE score(s). Copies are not acceptable. UGA GRE Code: 5813.

For more information on the GRE, go to

UGA Graduate School Mailing Address:

Office of Graduate Admissions
320 E. Clayton St., Suite 400
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA, 30602-4401

STEP TWO: CAP - Department Requirements

  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Vita/Resume
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation


Submit via email to Ms. Annelie Klein at 




  • Prospective students should specify on their application whether they wish to apply to the Program in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics (CET) or Pharmacy Care Administration (PCA) in the Department of Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy.
  • Emailed Letters of Recommendation must come from the referral, not from the applicant.


Or, you may submit all the departmental materials in one packet, and mail it to the following address:


UGA College of Pharmacy
Clinical & Administrative Pharmacy Admissions
250 W. Green Street, 270-I
Athens, GA, 30602-2354

Admission Requirements


Admission Requirements

Admission is most typically for Fall Semester only (this includes students interested in transferring from other doctoral programs). Applicants are admitted to the graduate program based on multiple criteria, including GPA, GRE scores, research experience, letters of reference, language requirements for international students, availability of funding, and area of interest.

Prospective students should complete the application process required by the University of Georgia Graduate School. All applicants must submit official GRE scores (subject to a five-year limitation). International applicants whose native language is not English must also submit TOEFL scores (subject to a two-year limitation).

The UGA Graduate School sets minimal GRE and GPA thresholds of the following mean scores: 151 for verbal and 152 for quantitative; and 3.0 for admission to Ph.D. programs. Students entering our program typically have a minimal undergraduate GRE and GPA thresholds of the following mean scores: 157 for verbal, and 154 for quantitative; and 3.5 GPA for admission to either Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics (CET) or Pharmacy Care Administration (PCA). We do not require GRE subject tests. Strong letters of recommendation letters from faculty or supervisors are carefully considered. There is a variation in the qualifications of applicants and candidates are asked to highlight areas of strengths and weakness in their statement of purpose.

International students must also submit official TOEFL exam scores. For more information regarding the TOEFL exam go to NOTE:  Clinical & Administrative Pharmacy's average accepted TOEFL score is 100, with at least a 24 (or higher) on verbal. 



For full consideration, all required materials need to be submitted no later than January 31.

Additional Graduate School application deadline information is available at Learn About Deadlines.


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