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Chronopharmacokinetics deals with the study of the temporal changes in absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination and thus takes into account the influence of time of administration on these different steps. All living creatures are endowed with biological clocks that orchestrate, during the 24hrs and other time periods. High amplitude circadian rhythms in disease pathophysiology give rise to day-night patterns in onset and symptoms exacerbation of most acute and chronic medical conditions & diseases. Circadian time dependent differences are also seen in pharmacokinetics of many classes of medications like cardiovascular active drugs, NSAID’s, antidepressants, antihypertensives, local anesthetics, H1 & H2 antagonists etc.

Time variations in the intensities of symptoms or risk of disease, coupled with evidence of circadian rhythms that affects the kinetics, effects, and safety of medications, constitute the rationale for a new pharmacologic approach to treatment. Various technologies such as time-controlled, pulsed, triggered and programmed drug delivery devices have been developed and extensively studied to synchronize medication with the intrinsic biorhythm of the disease.

Key words:
Chronopharmacokinetics, Circadian rhythms, Chronotherapeutics, Drug Delivery Systems, Technologies.

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Bhargavialuri's picture

can i know how the chronopharmaco kinetics will be in blind people


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can u brief the effects of melatonin on the biological rhythms.list out the formulations based on this(melatonin) and when it should be used?

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hai swathi, i really appreciate the work on chronopharmacokinetics. Right ppt for right power point presentation competition. my question is can we change the circadian rhythm by using the downregulating or upregulating the genes involved in circadian rhythms. i.e if the drug cannot be released accoring to the circadian rhythm requirements of disease, can we change the circadian rhythm slightly for our convinience for drug delivery.


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what is chronotherapeutic drug delivery system

Averineni Ravi Kumar

Anil kumar appapurapu's picture

at what time the drugs may have first pass effect?


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when do we need chrnokinetics study?
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what are the different types of biological rhythms


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nice presentation


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nice ppt

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