Principle and applications of U.V and Visible spectroscopy

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U.V and Visible spectroscopy helps in identification of unknown compounds, specific functional groups, nature of carbon chain ,unsaturation .Examination of poly nuclear compounds. The present presentation is elaborating all necessary data like > Classification of pharmaceutical techniques > Classification of spectroscopy > Principle of absorption spectroscopy > Electronic transition > Application of absorption spectroscopy Key words : Bathochromic, Absorptivity ,colour visibility range.

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how uv visible spectroscopy is used in quantitative analysis
Krishnamohan's picture

how the structures of Vitamin A1 & A2 are elucidated by using UV Spectroscopy?
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what is the principle of absorbtion spectroscopy

Averineni Ravi Kumar

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1.what are the examples of chemical deviations of beer-lambert's law? 2.give examples of solvents and their cut-off wavelength? 3. what is the significance of cut-off wavelength? 4. what are the parameters that consider for drugs to be analysed by UV-Visible spectroscopy? 5. how can we predict the linearity of drugs?


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what are different monochromators and detectors used in UV spectroscopy?


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what are the organic and inorganic compounds that can be detected by UV spectroscopy


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