Plant Tissue Culture

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The progress in the development of the modern technologies refers to genetic engineering as well as cell- and tissue culture technologies. Tissue culture is the growth of tissues and/or cells separate from the organism. This is typically facilitated via use of a liquid, semi-solid, or solid growth medium, such as broth or agar. Tissue culture commonly refers to the culture of animal cells and tissues, while the more specific term plant tissue culture is used for plants. Present presentation is elaborating the basics of PTC along with types and applications.


plant tissue culture, explants, micropropogation, biotransformation, secondary metabolite production.

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Vishnu Murthy Vummaneni's picture

1. what happens if demineralized water is used in the preparation of nutrient medium instead of normal one?

2. agar/ gelatin are obtained naturally. so they are sensitive to microbial attacks. to prevent this whwther there are any processing techniques of those substances prior to their use in medium?

3. what is the effect of selection of explant on life span of a new one (in same variety)??

Vishnu Murthy Vummaneni

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