Ramalingam Manoharan

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Senthil Papain and Food Products (Enzyme Manufacturer)
Job Title: 
Quality Incharge & Business Development
My accomplishments: 
Degree(s) awarded: 
B.Tech Biotech (8.56), PG Dip Nanobiotech (A+)
College(s) Studied: 
Anna University, Life Science Foundation India
  • Manivasagan, V., Ahmed Basha, C., Kannadasan, T., Ramesh Babu, N.G., Saranya, K., Ramalingam, M., (2012), "Treatment of synthetic effluent containing Parachlorophenol by combined electrochemical and microbial methods". In: Ponmurugan, P. et al., Current Scenario in Biotechnology. Bloomsbery Publishing India Pvt. Limited [ISBN 978-93-82563-27-3], pp. 523-530.
  • Ramalingam. M., Karthikeyan, S., Suresh Kumar, D., (2012), "Docking Studies of HIV-1 Protease with Phytochemicals from Mappia foetida". International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 43- Number 4. (Impact factor - 0.835)
  • Harikrishnan, S., Pradeep. S., Ramalingam. M., Prasanna. N., Manivasagan. V., (2012), "Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and possible health effects due to Air pollution in Hosur town, Tamilnadu, India". Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology, Volume 2, Issue 4: 254-260.


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