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Last but not the least Biological Pharmacy.... Here are some of the questions...

I) Write about the following (4 or 6 Marks)

* Heparin.
* Interferons.
* Prostaglandin--Importance.
* Urokinase.
* Pancreatin.
* Liver injection crude.
* Liquid liver extract.
* Human gamma globulin.
* Purified protein derivative (PPD).
* Poliomyelitis Vaccine.
* Typhus Vaccine.
* Rickettesial Vaccine
* Immune sera.
* Snake venom antiserum
* Anti rabies serum.
* Liquid human serum
* Dried human serum
* Antivenoms.
* Schick test and Schick control.
* Dick and Dick control
* Mantoux vonperquet and Tuberculine patch test.
* Dextran 40.
* Concentrated RBCs.
* PVP.
* DPT.

* Oxidised cellulose.
* Ligatures and Sutures.
* Absorbable gelatin sponge.
* Fractionation of plasma proteins.
* Phenomenon of antagonism of amino acids.

(I) Following are the essay questions for 12 or 16 marks

1. Write about the source, extraction and different forms of insulins.
2. What are thyroid preparations? How do you prepare thyroid powder? Add a note on storage and standardization of thyroid powder.
3. Describe in detail the preparation of Pancreatin and pepsin. Add a note on their applications.
4. What are the general requirements for blood collection? Explain the preparation, standardization storage and of human plasma and dried human plasma? Preparation, storage labeling and uses of whole human blood. Advantages of dried human plasma over whole blood.
5. Define plasma substitute. Enlist the ideal characteristics of plasma substitutes. Write in detail the Industrial production of Dextran.

6. What are Active immunizing agents? How do you classify them? Also differentiate between toxins and toxoids.
7. General requirements and standardization of antitoxins? Add a note on Interferon's.
8. Steps involved in the preparation of typical bacterial vaccine. Add a note on old tuberculin and tuberculin purified protein derivative.
9. List the antigenic preparations for active immunization. Describe the preparation, standardization and storage of B.C.G vaccine, Small pox vaccine, D.P.T.
10. Describe the preparation, standardization and storage of Polio vaccine, Diphtheria antitoxin

11. Diphtheria toxiod and different formulation adjuvants used in manufacture. And its advantages.
12. What is test for sterility? Describe the general protocol. Explain the general protocol. Explain the rational of different controls.
13. What are microbiological limit tests? Describe about the microbiological limit test for E.coli.
14. Describe the detail microbiological assay of Glutamic acid and lysine. Add a note on phenomenon of Antagonism of amino acids.
15. Describe in detail Microbiological assay of riboflavin. Add a note on Microbiological assay validity assessment in vitamins.
16. Describe in detail Microbiological assay of Vitamin B1 (I.P). Add a note on advantages of microbiogical assays.
17. Write the principle, advantages, and limitations of microbiological assays. Add notes on the different types of assays. Explain the terms 'One level' and 'Two level' factorial assays.Assesment of validity of microbiological assays.
18. List the microbiological assay method for antibiotics. Describe in detail the microbiological assay of any official (I.P) antibiotic.
19. What are ligatures and sutures? Give examples. Describe the manufacture and sterility testing of Catgut. Add a note on problems involved in it.
20. Describe the following:
* Estimation of Insulin in Blood by RIA.
* Construction and working of commercial radiation plant.
* Principle of radioimmunoassay.
* Advantages and Disadvantages of Radiation sterilization.

* Examples of radiopharmaceuticals approved for radiation sterilization.


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