2nd half starts with July topics..

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Hi bloggers

The first half of the skills
test is over and we are having a great journey on this platform. It's a great experience we had in these five months. My students went through their exams in the past two months and still we tried our best to manage time. We are trying to give our best and I wish we will do better in the future.

Here come our topics for this month.

I will present blogs on analysis of complexes and thixotrophy.

Siva will present blogs on debye
huckel theory and karl-fisher aquametry.

Sravya will present blogs on alkaloids and liposomes.

Praveen will present blogs on resealed RBC and hydrogels.

I wish the other teams also continue enjoying this particular platform and great learning.

All the Very Best.

Take care.

"This blog does not contain plagiarized material"


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