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raghu college of pharmacy
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Assistant Professor
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gayatri college(vzm) _ 1st inter,sri chaitanya college(vsp) _2nd inter, raghu college of pharmacy(vsp) _ bpharm 1st year.

M.Guravaiah, S.V.V.Ramana, T.Prabhakar, M.Bhaskar, G.GirijaShankar, P.Sirisha, T.NauthaMary, A.Anusha and N.Jahnavi.T.Swapana Priya, STEM CELLS- AN OVERVIEW, IJPBS, Volume 2, Issue 3, July-Sept, 2012, 321-329.

Guravaiah M, Daniel K, Prabhakar T, Hatti I, Sirisha P, Nautha Mary T, Anusha A, Jahnavi N Screening, isolation, characterization and strain improvement of Streptomyces indicus GAS-4, Indian Journal of Science, Volume 1, Number 2, December 2012.

Guravaiah M, Hatti I, Prabhakar T, Daniel K, Sirisha P, Nautha Mary T, Anusha A, Jahnavi N Optimization, purification and characterization of alkaline protease enzyme from Streptomyces indicus var.GAS-4, Indian Journal of Engineering, Volume 1, Number 2, December 2012.

Dr. G.Girija Sankar, Dr.T.Prabhakar, Sirisha Pingali, P. Mary Sulakshana, Screening, Isolation and Determination of Antibiotic and Proteolytic activity of Streptomyces violarus, Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection-in progress


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