Soil is not required for plants

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Hello bloggers,This week i am here with a new topic HYDROPONICS...these days with the increasing population and pollution we are rarely finding plants and trees any where...Not knowing whether to feel bad that we dont even have place for growing greenary or feel happy that the technology is developing.
Development of technology in the sense We are able to grow even huge trees in small pots and this is Bonsai Technique as you all know..But now plants can also be grown without soil and this is the advanced technique which is nothing but called HYDROPONICS..
INTRODUCTION:Hydroponics was developed during the late 1960s by Dr. Cooper at the Glasshouse Crops Research Institute, Little Hampton, England.
TECHNIQUE :The technique used in this is called Nutrient Film technique.A thin film of nutrient solution is taken in black or white polyethylene film linerswhich are supported on wooden channels or pvc pipes which have roots of plants.The solution is pumped at one end and flows to the other end by gravity.Thorogh monitoring is done while recycling the solution to maintain the salts and water level .
1. Plants can be grown anywhere:
Today, space is increasingly at the premium. With hydroponics, plants can be grown anywhere where no soil exists and light is available.
2. Better control over plant Growth:
A soil system is difficult to keep in control due to the complex chemical and biological nature of the soil. On the contrary, a hydroponics grower has the freedom to regulate the composition of the nutrient solution and the frequency of the feeding of nutrient.
3. There wont be much work.
4. Water and nutrients can be conserved
5. Pest and disease problems can be reduced
6. Transplanting shock is reduced in seedlings.
7. Soil erosion problem is non existence.
8. Culture is extensive.
There are also certain DISADVANTAGES here:
1.Initial cost is high: Initially a farmer has to invest a lot in order to get rapid turnover.
2. Trained and knowledged people are essential becauseit will be difficult task for amateur.Hence they need to take proper training.
New term related to hydroponics is AEROPONICS:It is an application of hydroponics in which a growing medium is absent instead roots are suspended mid-air inside a chamber kept at a 100% humidity level and fed with a fine spray of nutrient solution. This kind of feeding will allow the roots to absorb oxygen, thereby increasing metabolism and rate of growth
(1) dated 2nd july 2011
(2) dated 2nd july 2011

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Satyajeeth Pandey's picture

Nice and catchy one keep it up

Satyajit Panda Asst. professor Maharajah's College Of Pharmacy

Sravani kompella's picture

Thankyou very much Sir
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Good one is this in practice anywhere? and can the nutrient medium can completely occupy the place of soil?
Sravani kompella's picture

This technique is not a new one ..It was implemented in october 2008 by Institute of Simplified Hydroponics(ISH)Bangalore, in association with International Institute of Simplified Hydroponics, USA. It was implemented in South and Central America and in India a project called the "Pet Bharo" Project was launched .The Idea of the Pet Bharo Project is to use Soil-less cultivation/Hydroponics technology . 2. Nutrient medium is only sufficient because rather than searching the soil for minerals,plants will be able to get nutrients easily, directly. Grow media -- such as gravel, peat, vermiculite, Perlite, coco, old rubber tires, rockwool or expanded clay aggregates will be used to support the plants and their root systems dated 6th july 2011
Siriki Praveen Kumar's picture

can u explain me regarding few techniques being practiced in hydroponics?


S. Praveen Kumar.

Pharma warriors

Sravani kompella's picture

Two techniques are used mainly Soluton culture and medium culture. In solution culture ,solid medium is absent and the flow of the nutrient medium can either be static or continuous. In the medium culture a solid medium for roots is present.
K Rajakrishna's picture

hello sravani... its a nice blog, can you tell me can all the plant species be grown in this way or is this restricted to only one group of plants, if it is so why?...
Sravani kompella's picture

Any kind of species can be grown well..Only those plants which require much space cant be grown..Suggestable species like: tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, squash, snow peas, beans, spinach, lettuce, chard, hot chilies, and broccoli.Even herbs, flowers and house plants can be grown in your hydroponic garden.

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