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The word sterile means free from or the absence of all living organisms including spores. Sterilization is defined in simple terms as a process used to remove or kill all forms of transmissible agents like fungi, bacteria etc present on surface or in any compound such as culture media or any article1,2. The main aim of sterilization is to provide a safe product and at the same time eliminate all the possibilities of introducing infection2. Sterilization can be done by proper use of heat, chemicals, radiation etc.


Sterilization is a very old process which holds its history from 1450 B.C when Mr. Mose described the process of sterilization by fire. Nicolas Appert showed that cooking slowed the decay of foods and other liquids. This has made way for canning of foods which helped to reduce food-borne illness. Later in 1774 Mr. Scheele discovered the effects of chlorine in sterilization. Then were introduced many sterilizing agents like hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, phenol. It was only in 1880 that, Sir Chamber land introduced the first autoclave3.


Sterilization is a very important process actually a must and should process to keep ourselves safe form the infectious atmosphere.

Things that are to enter the already sterile body have to be properly sterilized. It is important to keep them germ free and safe to secure our health.

All the culture media should be kept sterile in order to avoid the growth of unwanted organisms.

Sterilization is very important in case of injectables as it may cause many blood borne deadly infections like AIDS.

It is important to keep all the instruments in the laboratory neat and dust free to avoid any problems pertaining to production.


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