Double Impression in Tablets

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Double Impression in Tablets

Double impression in Tablets and Solution


Definition: 'Double Impression' involves only those punches, which have a monogram or other engraving on them.

Reason: At the moment of compression, the tablet receives the imprint of the punch. Now, on some machines, the lower punch freely drops and travels uncontrolled for a short distance before riding up the ejection cam to push the tablet out of the die, now during this free travel, the punch rotates and at this point, the punch may make a new impression on the bottom of the tablet, resulting in 'Double Impression'.

If the upper punch is uncontrolled, it can rotate during the short travel to the final compression stage and create a double impression.

Table.42. The Causes And Remedies Of Double Impression

Sr. No.




Free rotation of either upper punch or lower punch during ejection of a tablet.

-Use keying in tooling, i.e. inset a key alongside of the punch, so that it fits the punch and prevents punch rotation.

-Newer presses have anti-turning devices, which prevent punch rotation.

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