Tablet coating

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1.9 Tablet coating

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1.9.1 Introduction

1.9.2 Aspects of tablet coating

1.9.3 Basic principle of tablet coating

1.9.4 Type of tablet coating process Sugar coating Film coating Enteric coating Enteric sugar coating Enteric film coating Controlled release coating Specialized coating Compressed coating Electrostatic coating Dip coating Vacuum film coating

1.9.5 Equipments

1.9.6 Processing parameters

1.9.1 Introduction (1-3,5)

Coated tablets are defined as "tablets covered with one or more layers of mixture of various substances such as natural or synthetic resins ,gums ,inactive and insoluble filler, sugar, plasticizer, polyhydric alcohol ,waxes ,authorized colouring material and some times flavoring material .

Coating may also contain active ingredient. Substances used for coating are usually applied as solution or suspension under conditions where vehicle evaporates.

1.9.2 Aspects of tablet coating

I. Therapy

i) Avoid irritation of oesophagus and stomach

ii) Avoid bad taste

iii) Avoid inactivation of drug in the stomach

iv) Improve drug effectiveness

v) Prolong dosing interval

vi) Improve dosing interval

vii) Improve patient compliance

II. Technology

i) Reduce influence of moisture

ii) Avoid dust formation

iii) Reduce influence of atmosphere

iv) Improve drug stability

v) Prolong shelve life

III. Marketing

i) Avoidbad taste

ii) Improve product identity

iii) Improve appearance and acceptability

1.9.3 Basic principle of tablet coating

The principle of tablet coating is relatively simple. Tablet coating is the application of coating composition to moving bed of tablets with concurrent use of heated air to facilitate evaporation of solvent.

Basic principles involve

i) Insulation which influences the release pattern as little as possible and does not markedly change the appearance.

ii) Modified release with specific requirement and release mechanism adapted to body function in the digestive tract

iii) Colour coating which provides insulation or is combined with modified release coating.

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