TOEFL for Pharmacy Students

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TOEFL for Pharmacy Students

Here's list of tips for preparing TOEFL for admission to M.S. and PhD in Pharmacy in USA along with required TOEFL Scores.

This article is continuation of Tips for preparing GRE for Pharmacy students Contents

1. TOEFL as general test of fluency in English and general guidelines-

TOEFL test is of four types- Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

1.1. Reading Section-

This section is very much similar to the comprehension passages in the GRE- General test by ETS. However, the passages in the TOEFL are much simpler and lot lengthier than those in the GRE tests. Also, usually the portion of the passage focused upon by a question is highlighted unlike those in the GRE tests. While dealing with the questions in this section, it is usually not necessary to read whole of the passage due to time constraints; usually, a selective reading to few of the preceding and succeeding lines to the passage line questioned suffice the purpose. However, this is not a general rule to every kind of passages and individual preferences and convenience too come into play.

1.2. Listening Section-

Well, this section needs a good understanding in the American accent of English. This section tests the ability of the candidate to understand their accent clearly and that too in a single go! Once listened, the same passage or conversation isn't repeated twice. Hence, a student must possess both a quick perception and ability to keep the stuff talked in mind. Usually, the latter is not possible and hence a writing work do helps a lot for those facts which are difficult to be retained in mind or are complicated or else. This sections requires a good deal of practice.

1.3. Speaking Section-

Unlike the listening section, this section doesn't require an American accent. The most important idea in this section that is to be focused upon is lucid, uninterrupted and smooth fluent English without pauses (even though the speaker has Indian accent of English). However, this doesn't mean that the English spoken is a super fast one; it must be just clear to the listener that would help him/her understand speaker's ideas and must impress the listener with the language proficiency of the speaker. This section also requires note making and memorizing works since the speaker has to speak the facts conveyed to him/her by a recorded voice on the test. However, the student must be aware of the time limit within which he/she has to convey his message completely.

1.4. Writing Section-

This section is complimentary to the analytical writing assay of the GRE- General test. It involves write up on given issue and is time limited test. It focuses on the writing ability and the caliber of the candidate to frame a logical, coherent and meaningful body of the essay that is appealing to the reader. This section is not much of burden and worries if the student is well prepared with the Analytical Writing section of GRE- General Test.

2. Free Internet Resources-

2.1. Practice tests-

2.2. TOEFL Guide-

3. Books Recommended-

3.1. Barron's-

Just like Barron's GRE book, this book too adds up to one of the prior helps to the students appearing for TOEFL test. Barron's TOEFL prepares the student exhaustively with guidance as given by any of the coaching class teaching TOEFL. It includes both guidance as well as exhaustive series of practice tests.

My Comments- Since TOEFL is not as difficult as GRE, this book suffice the preparation for TOEFL and a student can score well utilizing this book, provided he/she has been through an exhaustive practice with required seriousness and devotion. However, reference to additional study materials for TOEFL is well- recommended to gain requisite confidence to score well in the official TOEFL test.

3.2. Princeton Review-

This book is not available in the market and is offered only to the students enrolled in the TOEFL preparation course by 'The Princeton Review- Score plus Academy'. This book contains an audio visual CD which takes a good care of the listening section of TOEFL preparation.

My Comments- Referring this book simultaneously along with the Barron's would give a sufficient preparation for ETS' official TOEFL. This book, reinforced by the teaching methodology by 'The Princeton Review- Score plus Academy', is very helpful. However, self-preparation and hard work still surpasses every other factors to gain a good TOEFL score.

4. General acceptance scores for admission to MS program-

Most of the universities define a TOEFL score of 79 as the minimum requirement for consideration of application. However, few give a mention of 61 as the TOEFL score as the minimum requirement. Few of the top ranked universities consider applicants with a minimum TOEFL score of 98. A TOEFL score of >100 is required for an applicant to be considered for various types of assistantships by top ranked universities. Few of the top universities lay a special emphasis on the scores of listening and writing sections of TOEFL. However, this doesn't mean that other two sections are not considered at all! A student must always try to score the best possible TOEFL score as the number of applicants applying for a same university is too many and every single and minor factor is laid a huge importance owing to the huge competition for a pretty small number of seats available in the university.

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