Dosage forms

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Similarities between Wet granulation and Ruti cooking

Actually, Pharmaceuticals processing and production have similarities to cook something. Some examples of that are, processing similarities between wet granulation and Ruti or Chapati cooking. Another example of this kind similarities are emulsion production with curry cooking. Though pharmaceuticals processing is similar to cooking but pharmaceuticals processing is done in the more precise, more controlled and more systemic ways to provide stability for prolong period.

Enhancement of dissolution using multiparticulates

About 40% of the drug compounds are poorly water soluble1. This poor water solubility results in decreased rate and extent of dissolution and hence bioavailability. The formulation of a dosage form for these compounds is a challenging aspect. A number of techniques like micronization, nanonization, salt formation, complexation, solid dispersions, and use of different polymorphic form of the drug are being tried to improve the water solubility of drug compound. Each technique has its own limitations.

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