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Manupulators, Fabricators and Duplicators in drugs - Beware

There are areas where the manupulations, fabrications and duplications are accepted, appreciated or at the most ignored. But, in case of drugs the activity becomes unpardonable for the simple reason that the consequences could be disastrous and life threttening. My friend Mr Mahendrashetty has shared an information on mail where a UK judge has frowned with a comment that his power of punishment is too little for the offence!.

Well since the information has educative value I am sharing the link for the benefit of students and professionals in pharmacy.

Obesity increases the risk of recurrence of breast cancer

It is true that obesity or even an increase of few pounds in an overweight but not yet obese individual increases the risk of recurrence of breast cancer.

This is according to a study done by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Montefiore Medical Center, In Bronx, New York and published in CANCER which is a journal of the American Cancer Society. From the results of the study, a correlation was drawn between extra body fat and breast cancer recurrence.


Times of India - Bangalore dated: 10.05.2012.

Prime Headline: Drugs scam: Pharmaceutical companies wrote letters signed by doctors? Kounteya Sinha, TNN | May 10, 2012, 01.48AM IST Well,

I was at ease and had no feels like what normally one calls 'Shock of my life', Surprised', aghast etc at the news paper heading in TIMES OF INDIA - BANGALORE dated 10.05.2012. Pl get into the link below:

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