Medicinal chemistry

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History & Evolution of Pharmacy - I

Hai, my dear leaders and learners.

Now I am presenting my 1st blog on the topic "history and evolution of pharmacy ".

As we all belong to pharmacy profession, we should know about its history and evolution of our profession.

In ancient times, people used to think that the diseases are caused due to evil forces or God's anger. Thus some magicians or religious persons were involved in the treatment of patients.(1)

China CPU Challengers provide you their Topics for February

On behalf of my teamate and with my position of leader, i come to you to present our topics for this month of February 2011. As you know you, my team is very diversified, it gives us the wealth of topics and writing. Please find below the first topics my teamates and i are pleased to deliver to you. 1-Pharmacy: Old and New Concept (More into a pharmaceutics concept)

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