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What is the Paleo Diet?

It is time for your yearly visit your health care provider and after an examination and some routine tests your health care provider informs you of your current state of health...unfortunately all the news is not good...your health care provider explains to you that you are overweight, your blood pressure is elevated and you are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes...wanting to take charge of your health you inquire about ways to improve your health and prevent any of the aforementioned issues from getting worse without the use of medications...your health care provider rec

Exercise: The Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Are you trying to lose weight, are you looking for ways to improve your quality of sleep or enhance your mood, do you want to work on your overall health or do you just want to feel better...well if you answered yes to any one of those questions...have you tried exercise? Yes, that is right regular exercise can help us reach all of the aforementioned goals and are the top five benefits of exercise.

Cholesterol and Ischemic heart diseases

Here I want to pose few important questions in front of you.

What is cholesterol? What is ischemic heart disease? What role cholesterol plays in the causation of this disease? How deadly this disease can be?

Basically cholesterol is derived from three words chole meaning bile, stereos meaning solid and -ol meaning alcohol. So, cholesterol is a waxy steroid of fats.

Obesity increases the risk of recurrence of breast cancer

It is true that obesity or even an increase of few pounds in an overweight but not yet obese individual increases the risk of recurrence of breast cancer.

This is according to a study done by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Montefiore Medical Center, In Bronx, New York and published in CANCER which is a journal of the American Cancer Society. From the results of the study, a correlation was drawn between extra body fat and breast cancer recurrence.

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