Registration requirement for pharmacists in Malaysia , Part -1

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In order to register as a pharmacist in Malaysia a person must,

* Posses a degree recognized by the pharmacy board of Malaysia

* undergo pupilage training not less than a year that is recognized by the pharmacy board

* pass a forensic examination conducted by the pharmacy board

For a foreigner, additional requirements are -

* he/she is married to a Malaysian

* he/she is the spouse of a foreigner working in Malaysia under a valid working permit

* thus must also be no restriction in the applicant's own visa


The following document have are required to be submitted for applying

* Pharmacy Jurisprudence examination application form

* Certified copy of degree

* Certified copy of overseas registration certificate

* Certified copy of agreement form/proof of training in Malaysia or overseas

* Certified copy of identity card/birth certificate/passport

* Malaysian current address proof

* Constable telephone number

* Marriage certificate and work permit of your own/spouse

All documents must be certified by a Malaysian registered pharmacist or Malaysian Registered medical practitioner stating their registration number and annual retention no' Division 1 government officer, magistrate and justice of peace or anyone who is given authority to certify in each country

To be continued in the next blog......

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Good infomation regarding regisration in malaysia,for indian pharmacist any job opurtunities.
Rajan raju
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Many job opportunity are available for Indian in can work as a lecturer in the pharmacy colleges i know of Indians working as lecturer in malayasian pharmacy colleges...and also as hospital pharmacists and community pharmacists...
Good job opportunity...
Faria Zarrin
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I am not sure...i guess no registration required for teaching...
I will let you know very soon...
Faria Zarrin
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