Registration requirement for pharmacists in Malaysia, Part-2

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Provisional registration

Initially a provisional registration is granted, new regulations concerning pupilage training and compulsory service came into effect on 2nd September 2004.These regulation means that any pharmacy graduate who completes his or her degree after September 2004 and who seeks to register as a pharmacist in Malaysia must

  • Apply for provisional registration with the Malaysian pharmacy board called the Lembaga Farmasi and undergo 12 months of pupilage training in a government hospital or institution.
  • Serve 3 years in a government hospital or institution, after which the graduate applies for full registration with the Malaysian pharmacy board

Pupilage training

The pupilage training is taken at the government hospitals and institutions. The list of approved hospitals and institutions can be obtained from the website of the pharmaceutical services Division

The list includes the major district and general hospital located throughout the country, teaching hospitals attached to universities (including HUKM, Hospital USM, and University Malaya Medical Centre, Um) as well as the National pharmaceutical control Bureau, Petaling Jaya. Applicants can state their places of preference for training in the application form. Allocation of places depends on vacancies at each training location and the availability of trainers.

To apply for the provisional registration Graduates need to make two separate applications

  • To the Malaysian pharmacy board, for provisional registration by filling FORM1
  • To Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam, for appointment as a civil servant, by filling Form SPA8

Pharmacy Forensic/Jurisprudence Examination

The pharmacy board of Malaysia has put up as one of the requirements to get registered as pharmacists, the following groups of pharmacists need to pass this examination Provisionally registered pharmacists who are undergoing training Pharmacists registered in recognized country before 2 september 2004, who intend to get registered in Malaysia

The examinations are fixed 3 times a year in march, June and November.

For 2008 the dates of examination ane deadline for application are as follows:

  • 24TH march- 3rd march
  • 23rd june- 2nd june
  • 24th November- 3rd November

The application forms can be obtained from

Secretary Pharmacy board of malaysia

Ministry of health

Lot 36, Jalan University

46350 Petaling Jaya



The Malaysian pharmaceutical society or MPS is organizing seminars and tutorials befor the examination. For further details please check the website at

For further information you should contact:

Correspondance address

Pharmacy Board Of Malaysia

Ministry of health Malaysia

Beg Berkunci No 924

Pejabat Pos Jalan Sultan

46790 Petaling Jaya



Tel: 03-7968 2218

Fax: 03-7968 2222



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Dear Zarrin faria,
Good information, the websites you have mentioned are good, but found little difficult to understand.
Can you give the estimated cost for all this preliminary tests ?
and some features of pharmacist in malaysia .




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Dear kranthi..
I don't have much idea about the exact amount for the preliminary test , i guess it might vary from year to year...
Regarding the pharmacy profession in Malaysia it is very reputed profession... and also highly remunerative...
I personally know of people who are working in Malaysia as hospital pharmacist and doing very well...
There is lost of demand for people who have done M.pharm in pharmacy practice....
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Thats great information,